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Mom’s Pregnancy Guide: 31 Weeks Pregnant

Mom’s Pregnancy Guide_ 31 Weeks Pregnant

Do you feel like your bladder is quickly filled with urine to the point that you visit the comfort room more frequently than in the past weeks of your pregnancy?

Does your urine come out a little when you laugh or sneeze? Or do you feel like you are constantly in a physical battle as your whole body hurts and aches?

Well, you do not need to worry much because these are typical symptoms you will feel when you are 31 weeks (almost eight months) pregnant. 

To help you get the hang of things during this pregnancy phase, get to know more of what the 31 weeks pregnancy stage feels like for both moms and babies through this complete pregnancy guide.

Trust me; it gets even more exciting from here. Let’s get started!

Baby’s Development at 31 Weeks

Baby’s Development at 31 Weeks

Once you enter your 31-week pregnancy mark, your baby grows and develops in three significant aspects: cognitive, physical, and sleeping patterns!

A 31-week-old baby in your womb experiences the following improvements that will help prepare them for the outside world:

  • More nerve cells connect at a faster rate
  • The baby moves his hands and feet A LOT
  • He sleeps more than he usually does in the early stages of pregnancy

Nevertheless, let’s get specific with the baby’s cognitive progress, physical movements, sleeping pattern, and more through the succeeding sections!

How Is the Baby’s Growth Like?

At 31 weeks, the baby in the womb is already gaining significant weight. The baby will way more or less 1.5 kilograms or 3.3 pounds at this stage.

To help with your visualization, try imagining the size of a regular coconut because that is how big your baby is now.

With weight gain also comes the ability to express movement by kicking and stretching. In this period, be ready to feel more defined actions from your little one.

Moreover, you MUST bear in mind that at 31 weeks, your baby starts peeing. The 31-week-old baby contributes several cups of pee into the amniotic fluid. 

PRO TIP: You can have your amniotic fluid level checked during an ultrasound. Always ask your doctor to ensure the baby’s health.

Your baby’s skin also starts to get less wrinkly at this stage. It can also be caused by their rapid weight gain, which stretches their skin and makes their cheek a little bit fuller.

Baby Is Almost Their Birth Size

The baby, at 31 weeks, is already reaching their birth length. At this stage, the average length of babies is 16 inches or 40.64 centimeters. 

Again, the best visualization you can get for the baby’s length is comparing it to a coconut. But, if you are a frequent movie-goer, you can associate your 31-week baby with the size of a large tub of popcorn!

FUN FACT: Some healthcare professionals say that a 31-week baby is as big and long as a bunch of asparagus.

Lots of Sleeping Time

One thing contributing to a baby’s weight and length gain is their longer sleeping time. It now mainly includes rapid eye movement (REM) sleep!

The baby usually sleeps at specified periods. One sleeping period can last as little as 20 minutes to as long as 40 minutes.

Five Senses Start Developing

The best part of this stage of their development is that at the 31st week of pregnancy, the baby’s cognitive growth is quite noticeable, especially as their five senses start to come together.

This exciting development starts with the nerve cells connecting at a faster rate, which means better processing for your little one. In short, your baby is getting smarter by the day.

Your little one can taste the food you eat, smell faint aromas from the products you use, see some dark outlines or track lights, hear your voice, and even feel your touch when you caress your tummy (this starts at 16 weeks).

Baby Is Pedaling and Thumbsucking

Pedaling and thumbsucking are two of the most common activities associated with a 31-week baby in the womb. 

Since the baby is more well-rested and gets sleepier more often at this stage, when they wake up, they put their energy into more physical movements, such as kicking, moving the hands, and thumbsucking.

REMEMBER: A 31-week baby inside your belly even does somersaults sometimes.

Mommy at 31 Weeks of Pregnancy

Aside from the baby’s situation, it’s imperative that you know your status at the 31st week of pregnancy. I know how much this means to you because of two things:

  • It’s time to start getting yourself ready for their imminent birth; and
  • You feel validated knowing that what you feel now is all part of the process – a usual pregnancy scene.

Generally, you will see your baby bump grow and your weight increase steadily. With these circumstances, expect to experience more backaches, frequent urination, tummy tightness, and shortness of breath, among others.

Some moms I asked even suffered from sleeping problems during the 31st week of pregnancy because of the different physical pains that keep them awake. 

However, once they see their little ones for the first time, all that pain becomes worth it.

Shortness of Breath

As I have mentioned, 30 weeks, 31 weeks, and 32 weeks of pregnancy often entail shortness of breath for most moms because you will bear more weight as the pregnancy continues to flourish.

It is not only your weight that you carry but your baby’s developing body, too. 

Nevertheless, you do not need to worry much because it is a shared encounter during pregnancy, particularly from the 27th week onwards.

Here are some tips to help you with breathing:

  • Do not rush. Do everything gently and slowly.
  • Try to practice good posture when sitting, standing, or walking to distribute the weight more evenly.
  • Include some OB-GYN-approved exercises throughout the day.
  • Sleep with pillows at the back of your upper body to give you more room to breathe.

Always remember that even if you are short on breath, your baby in the womb has enough to keep going. 

However, do not hesitate to communicate with your doctor when lingering pain (and other unusual symptoms) accompanies your shortness of breath.

Sex, Orgasm, and Pregnancy

In my daily encounters with pregnant moms, I usually get asked about things related to sex and orgasm during pregnancy. Now, I can delve deeper into this topic, specifically discussing how intimacy works at 31 weeks of pregnancy.

So, the first thing you need to know is if you can have sex and feel orgasms at 31 weeks of pregnancy. You can have sex ONLY IF the following terms are met:

  • Your midwife or doctor approves it
  • Your body can deal with the entire sexual activity
  • You do not have a history of miscarriage, or you are not at high risk for one
  • You are not currently experiencing contractions, vaginal bleeding, and discharge without a probable cause

The second thing you must never forget is that your orgasm may not be as intense as it was in the first few months of your pregnancy.

 This decline or limit in your orgasm happens as your uterus cannot contract completely because of the baby’s growing size. When in doubt, abstaining from trying to have another child while pregnant is best.

Pregnancy Symptoms at 31 Weeks

Pregnancy Symptoms at 31 Weeks

Undergoing thirty-one weeks of pregnancy means the finish line is closer than you think. YET, you still need to deal with pregnancy symptoms that typically mean additional discomfort. 

The good thing is I have most (if not all) of the symptoms in this list to help you prepare before reaching the 31-week mark. 

Here are the symptoms you may feel during this stage of the pregnancy:

  • You may always feel physically tired because of the growing life inside your body. It is known as pregnancy fatigue.
  • Emotional fatigue will slowly creep in (or escalate).
  • Your skin may get itchy, especially in the abdomen area. It sometimes gets triggered by tight clothes, so make sure to buy the best maternity clothes that are soft and comfortable.
  • You can experience nighttime leg cramps. Sometimes, it can be apparent during the day, too.
  • The tissues in your hands and feet may swell, causing a tingling pain.
  • You will surely deal with sleeping problems.
  • Stretch marks may start to be more defined, but a pregnancy stretch mark cream like the Dermatix Ultra Advanced Scar Formula can help ease the effects.
  • You will experience headaches, backache, and dizziness more often.
  • Round ligament pains or A painful sensation at the side of your bump may knock on your door.
  • Your breasts may start to leak colostrum (which is why you need to invest in nursing pads!).

Tips for a 31-Week Pregnant Mom

Tips for a 31-Week Pregnant Mom

Mothers know best, but mothers also need the best. With that, you need to take the tips I listed below to heart, whether you are a pregnant woman, a father, or a concerned family member.

All these tips will help holistically nurture the 31-week pregnant mom and the baby inside. Read each pregnancy tip to learn more about what I am talking about.

  • Always eat balanced meals. You can ask a nutritionist to guide you in eating the appropriate meals during your pregnancy journey. 
  • Eat food rich in folic acid, like whole grains and dark green leafy vegetables, for your prenatal diet.
  • Don’t keep all your thoughts within yourself. Try sharing it with your partner, family, close friends, or other support system to lighten your burden. If you’re a partner of a pregnant mom, always ask how she feels.
  • Drink at least 8 to 12 cups of water every day. Do not get discouraged from peeing frequently, as it is a part of the process. Always see to it not to deprive yourself of water.
  • Try doing light exercises that healthcare professionals approve of to start training your body for labor. It is a way to prepare your physique so as not to get extra shocked on the actual day of delivery.

To make sure that the labor exercises you are doing are appropriate for your current pregnancy situation, do not hesitate to ask your OB-GYN.

  • Do not scratch your itchy skin. It is tempting to do so because, at some point, you will think it is the only way to get rid of and relieve the itch. Yet, you can always use a moisturizer to soothe the itch and hydrate your skin in the process.
  • When done right, body massages (i.e., pregnancy foot massage) help alleviate a pregnant mom’s body pains. Aside from that, you can also try leg and arm stretches to prevent or ease further cramping.
  • If your hand or leg hurts, try using a splint or the best compression socks for pregnancy. Most of all, take some much-needed rest to help the body recuperate and go through another day of pregnancy.
  • Try to lessen your caffeine. It is nice to sip a hot coffee in the morning and drink some ice-cold ones throughout the day, but it may speed up your bathroom trip intervals.
  • Start investing in the best hair removal cream for private parts during pregnancy. 


Being a pregnant mom, and reaching 31 weeks at that, is not an easy feat. It takes a lot of effort to raise a child within you. 

Moreover, it takes a lot of patience to deal with body changes and these things that you feel on a daily basis:

  • an easily-filled bladder that requires frequent trips to the comfort room;
  • urine coming out when laughing hard or sneezing (and even coughing!);
  • a tired body even when resting or doing nothing for the entire day; and 
  • a body that only feels pain from the head down to the toes (i.e., backaches, headaches, and muscle cramps).

Thirty-one weeks of pregnancy is quite near to the finish line, but the journey of raising a child is a long process that will get even more exciting from this point forward. So, moms, do not forget to read and reread this article to make sure these helpful preggy tips sink in and communicate regularly with your OB-GYN or other healthcare professionals for a healthy and safe pregnancy.

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