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5 Best Baby Blankets [Warm and Cozy Finds in 2023]

5 Best Baby Blankets [Warm and Cozy Finds in 2023]

As a would-be mom, it’s my dream to keep my baby happy and healthy and, whenever possible, warm and cozy. This means getting them good baby blankets!

After researching, asking other parents for their opinions, and trying out how different baby blankets feel, cost, look, and finding out how they are made, here are five of the best baby blankets to keep your baby warm.

I want to share these options since, as a Pinay mom, I truly believe that the more, the merrier! I’ve included everything else you must know when choosing the best baby blankets in this guide. 

Read on!

5 Best Baby Blankets to Keep Your Baby Warm

In my experience, baby blankets are fantastic products, especially when a baby can already sleep with their blanket and appreciate the comfort they bring. In fact, the right one can:

  • Support sound sleep
  • Provide comfort and warmth during rainy days
  • Create sensory stimulation for normal brain development

However, its efficiency will still depend on the material used, size, washability, perceived quality, durability, style, and price. Fortunately, I considered all these when choosing baby blankets.

Allow me to present the best blankets to keep your baby warm and cozy!


1. Bamberry Baby Bamboo Stretch Swaddle - Editor's Choice

Bamberry Baby Bamboo Stretch Swaddle


2. Bamberry Baby Sleep Sack - Premium Choice

Bamberry Baby Sleep Sack


3. Gracebaby Baby Blanket - Budget Choice

Gracebaby Baby Blanket

1. Bamberry Baby Bamboo Stretch Swaddle – Editor’s Choice

1. Bamberry Baby Bamboo Stretch Swaddle - Editor’s Choice


  • Material: 95% Bamboo, 5% Spandex
  • Size: 100×100 cm
  • Color/Design: Seven colors 

Breathable and lightweight are two great ways to describe the Bamberry Baby Stretch Swaddle. I can say this from experience.

This is one of the best swaddle blankets made with the perfect combo of softness and elasticity thanks to its combination of 95% bamboo and 5% spandex materials. 

The bamboo fabric, paired with the double layer and 100-centimeter size, has a thermo-regulating attribute that makes it a snug fit for babies and exudes comfort and warmth, much like a mother’s hug.

That said, the spandex component, although small, concerns me because spandex is known for its heat sensitivity which can affect how it feels on the baby’s skin. It even restricts how you can clean the baby blanket:

  • Handwashing
  • No bleach
  • Can’t be exposed to direct heat

Nevertheless, the bamboo fabric is still dominant, making this Bamberry Baby Stretch Swaddle a must-have. Plus, what excites me most is how I can mix and match the different colors for my baby’s outfit of the day (OOTD). 

Here are the colors they have available:

  • Berry red
  • Wild rose
  • Dusty blue
  • Pastel green
  • Sand
  • Storm grey
  • Aqua splash


  • Double-layer component enhances warmth and coziness
  • Seven-color design offers a wide variety of choices
  • Bamboo fabric is soft and breathable


  • Spandex element may cause overheating

2. Bamberry Baby Sleep Sack – Premium Choice

2. Bamberry Baby Sleep Sack - Premium Choice


  • Material: Bamboo 
  • Size: 72×30 cm (0-6 mos.), 78×32 cm (6-18 mos.), and 100×35 cm (18-36 mos.)
  • Color/Design: Four colors

A Bamberry a day keeps the cold away! That’s how I’d describe the premium Bamberry Baby Sleep Sack because it’s a nice piece of everyday sleepwear that balances breathability with warmth.

This sleep sack doubles as a wearable baby blanket and is made of 100% bamboo fabric, which is smooth and lightweight. It also has a TOG of 0.5, making it an excellent addition to my baby’s closet, especially in a tropical country.

The thermal overall grade or TOG explains the level of a piece of sleepwear’s warmth, and having a 0.5 rating is equivalent to:

  • One (1) layer of fabric shirt; or
  • Two (2) layers of sheets

Aside from these characteristics, I love the Bamberry Baby Sleep Sack’s dual zipper design because it makes it easier for me to do diaper changes. 

It’s even better than the zippers made by YKK, which means it has a self-locking puller technology, preventing unnecessary openings or zipper slides. 

Mommies will also enjoy the different pastel color variants on offer, like English rose, cerulean blue, sand, and seafoam.

That said, I wished these sleep sacks had sleeve options, especially for babies who often get cold at night. Nevertheless, the sleeveless design is still a must-buy as it’s crafted to ensure and enhance the breathability of the sleep sack.


  • Sleep sack design offers a safe source of snugness
  • Thermal overall grade (TOG) of 0.5 provides comfort even during summer
  • Dual zipper design makes diaper changes easy


  • No sleeved option

3. Gracebaby Baby Blanket – Budget Choice

3. Gracebaby Baby Blanket - Budget Choice


  • Material: Cotton
  • Size: 120×120 cm
  • Color/Design: Nine designs

One of the things that put parents (even soon-to-be ones like me) at ease is knowing that their baby’s sleeping essentials are gentle and breathable, allowing for a good night’s rest.

I must say, the Gracebaby Baby Blanket perfectly fits the description above. This budget baby blanket is made of two layers of muslin fabric, so you know it’s light, soft, and breathable. 

Aside from that, I didn’t worry whenever the surface got scratched because it has an anti-pill finish that prevents damage. Its prints are unfazed by washing or scratching, and you can pick several cute designs, including:

  • Bear, Whale, Flamingo, Rainbow
  • Carrot, Giraffe, Fox, Car, Elephant

The baby blanket’s size is enough to cover the baby’s body from shoulders to toe (and wrap all around them) because it’s 120 centimeters long. It can even double as the following accessories:

  • Nursing cover
  • Burp cloth
  • Stroller cover

I still wish they had plain designs of baby blankets to easily mix and match with mom’s outfits, mainly when used as a nursing cover. However, it’ll do a great job keeping your baby warm while sleeping.


  • Muslin fabric is light and gentle on the skin
  • Anti-pill finish prevents abrasion-induced balls
  • Large size makes it multi-purpose


  • Does not come with a plain design

4. Mama’s Choice Womby Instant Swaddle

4. Mama’s Choice Womby Instant Swaddle


  • Material: Premium Cotton
  • Size: 50×70 cm (0-3 months), 60×70 cm (3-6 months)
  • Color/Design: Two colors and designs

I discovered that swaddling helps babies sleep better by keeping them snuggled up. This mimics the feeling in the womb and prevents natural startle reflexes. That’s also when I learned of the Mama’s Choice Womby Instant Swaddle.

This baby blanket is 100% cotton, assuring me that it’s soft, breathable, and helpful in regulating body temperature and keeping babies warm throughout the night or every nap.

It also ensures that my baby can still bend and kick, allowing for hip movement and development through its hip-healthy design. 

I was amazed to know that the International Hip Dysplasia Institute also recognizes this baby blanket’s design and ergonomics.

However, it’s unfortunate that it can only fit small to medium babies or average-sized babies from zero to six months. Personally, a large option would be a great addition to their line.

Nevertheless, it functions well and gives a nice visual appearance with the bun bun and fern green colors and designs.


  • Hip-healthy design provides room for hip movement and development
  • Womb-like environment is perfect for newborns up to six months old
  • Velcro strip makes adjusting easy


  • No large sizing option

5. Enfant Baby Muslin Swaddle

5. Enfant Baby Muslin Swaddle


  • Material: Muslin Cotton
  • Size: 110×110 cm
  • Color/Design: Three designs

As a Filipino parent, practicability always makes its way into the priority list, and that can be achieved with the three swaddles in one pack of Enfant. With Enfant, you can get three different designs for the price of one.

Aside from having a cost-efficient way of paying for swaddles, it’s also beneficial in other ways, such as being made of 100% muslin fabric. With muslin, your baby has a lightweight, breathable blanket that keeps their skin fresh.

But what caught my eye was that these baby blankets are already pre-washed, which shows how much value the manufacturers put on the safety and health of babies.

However, similar to my concern with the previous baby blanket, the Enfant Baby Muslin Swaddles are stuck in a single-size option which constrains parents’ choices.

Nevertheless, it can still be used as:

  • a swaddle;
  • a playmat;
  • a stroller cover; and
  • a nursing cover.

The Enfant Baby Muslin Swaddle set is still something I will include in my options because its advantages outweigh the sizing dilemma


  • 100% muslin fabric for durability and breathability
  • Provides more options and greater value
  • Pre-washed for cleanliness


  • Only comes in a single size

How to Find the Best Baby Blanket

How to Find the Best Baby Blanket

In finding the best baby blanket, there are things I always keep in mind, such as comfort, the material used, size, washability, quality and durability, style, and price. Personally, these seven factors never go unnoticed.

To help you refocus your baby blanket-related priorities, I’ll explain what I mean further. Read on!


The first thing you should never forget is the comfort of the baby blanket. A comfortable baby blanket must be breathable and gentle for your baby’s sensitive skin, all while providing warmth.

I also look at its materials. I know it’s comfortable when I see any of the following:

  • Made of 100% cotton
  • Made from bamboo fabric
  • Made from muslin fabric

I also ensure that the baby blankets I consider don’t hamper breathing, especially when asleep, as they can cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). 

This is also where the proper swaddling technique comes in, particularly for those who prefer the traditional baby blanket.


As mentioned earlier, the material dictates how cozy, warm, and safe your baby will feel when wearing the baby blanket. The materials that I recommend the most are muslin and bamboo fabrics.

Remember that checking the material through its label is not enough. You can also feel the materials or try putting the baby blanket over your skin to ensure its quality.


Size is another significant factor in helping you find the best baby blanket. When buying a baby blanket, ensure that the size is wide enough to snuggle your kids’ bodies comfortably

It must also be at the right length, just enough to keep it away from your baby’s face to prevent suffocation.

Moreover, choose a size that fits just right for sleep sacks, ensures that your baby cannot easily remove it, and will remain something the baby can use even after a few months.


With babies, washability is another factor to consider because, for sure, there will be milk spills and diaper leaks. 

There are baby blankets that can only be washed by hand, some that can work with machines, and some that are heat-sensitive.

In choosing a baby blanket, I learned that choosing a product that suits your lifestyle is best.

If you’re an on-the-go parent, a baby blanket that’s machine-washable using the best baby detergent may be right for you. However, you can choose a handwash-safe baby blanket if you prefer handwashing delicate pieces.

You can usually find the guide on how the baby blanket should be laundered on the tag. The tag usually also describes how to wash baby clothes.

Quality and Durability

I can’t neglect the quality and durability of baby blankets because this will ensure your baby’s safety and, (very important as a Pinay mom,) the blanket’s cost-efficiency.

When searching for a baby blanket, I consider fabric softness, breathability, and lightness.


In these times, I don’t just look at how practical the baby blanket is; I also consider the style. 

It makes sense to pick baby blankets that match your aesthetic because your baby will use them when going out in public.

When choosing the style, ensure you follow your preferences. As for me, I’d prefer buying plain-colored baby blankets in different colors for easier mixing and matching with my baby and their clothes.

I live by the virtue that functionality comes before style

TIP: To get the best style and function, you can make a baby blanket, knit a baby blanket, or crochet a baby blanket.


A deal-breaker for Asian moms is the price. Although a high price point can ensure quality, there are also cheap alternatives that get the job done, and sometimes, even better than costly ones.

Just make sure that you take these tips to heart:

  • Buy based on quality
  • Check the price range you can afford, and choose from that group using the factors I mentioned above
  • Always choose functionality before style


I hate having my questions unanswered, so I won’t put you through the same problem! Find out more about choosing baby blankets with these questions.

What Is the Softest Material for a Baby Blanket?

Cotton fabric is the softest material for a baby blanket. You can also expect softness from a blanket of muslin and bamboo rayon mixed with cotton.

What Type of Blanket is Best for Newborns?

The swaddle, made of cotton, is the best type of blanket for newborns because it mimics the womb environment. You can also choose the best sleep sack for baby if it fits your newborn.

What Is the Best Fabric for Baby Receiving Blankets?

The best fabric for baby-receiving blankets is cotton. It can be 100% cotton or cotton mixed with bamboo. This fabric provides a gentle touch to your baby’s skin while remaining breathable.


Your dream of keeping your baby warm and cozy while sleeping will soon become a reality after seeing the best baby blankets in this article. I would even say they’re worthy of being called diaper bag essentials.

In completing my top baby blankets for in-home use and when packing hospital diaper bags, I considered comfort, the material used, size, washability, quality and durability, style, and price.

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