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The Best Baby Breathing Monitors – The Top Picks to Get

The Best Baby Breathing Monitors - The Top Picks to Get

Was your baby born prematurely? Or do they have breathing problems?

Using the best baby monitor to oversee your baby doesn’t hurt to be a sigurista mom. 

Here are the best baby monitors I vouch for and the things you should remember when buying one for your baby.

The 5 Best Baby Breathing Monitors

I had a lot of worries when I had my firstborn son. This is why I got to test out different baby breathing monitors.

From this experience, the following are my top picks:


1. AKOi Baby Care Alarm System - Editor's Choice

AKOi Baby Care Alarm System


1. Viatom BabyO2 S2 Baby Oxygen Monitor

Viatom BabyO2 S2 Baby Oxygen Monitor


3. Monbaby Smart Button - Budget Choice

Monbaby Smart Button

1. AKOi Baby Care Alarm System – Editor’s Choice

1. AKOi Baby Care Alarm System - Editor's Choice


  • Weight: 9g
  • Dimensions: 39 mm L x 28 mm W x 9 mm H
  • Power Source: Lithium Battery

Thanks to this baby breathing monitor, I’m able to get a good night’s rest. 

Like the best baby monitor, it’s not just a breathing monitor. Whenever your baby pees, it sends an alert to your smartphone. The same goes if your baby rolls 120˚, especially if your baby can’t hold their head yet. Although the AKOi Baby Care Alarm System only has essential features, it’s very precise. False alarms never happen whenever I use this monitor.


  • It can also be used as a diaper monitor and rollover monitor
  • Long battery life
  • Features automatic app connectivity


  • It has limited features

2. Viatom BabyO2 S2 Baby Oxygen Monitor – Premium Choice

2. Viatom BabyO2 S2 Baby Oxygen Monitor - Premium Choice


  • Weight: 24.5g (monitor) 103g (station)
  • Dimensions: 49 mm L × 27 mm W × 14 mm H (monitor), 90 mm L × 56 mm W × 15 mm H (station)
  • Power Source: Lithium polymer

The Viatom BabyO2 S2 Baby Oxygen Monitor is my choice for precision and additional features

Aside from breathing and movement, this monitor tracks your baby’s heart rate. I get to check for possible complications because of this. 

When my secondborn was still in my tummy, I used the best fetal Doppler to monitor his heart rate. I started using this baby monitor when he was born, and its precision amazes me. 

Unlike snap-on baby breathing monitors, this monitor comes with a strap. I don’t have to constantly check if the monitor is still in place whenever I use it.


  • Also monitors heart rate and movement with an adjustable threshold value
  • It has a secure adjustable strap
  • Features app connectivity and data tracking


  • Its monitor has a shorter battery life

3. Monbaby Smart Button – Budget Choice

3. Monbaby Smart Button - Budget Choice


  • Weight: 86g
  • Dimensions: ‎38 mm L x 38 mm W x 38 mm H
  • Power Source: Lithium-ion

A budget choice doesn’t have to be low on features. Take the Monbaby Smart Button, for example. 

This unshowy snap-on baby breathing monitor allows your baby to sleep comfortably.

What I love most about this monitor is that it emits only minimal radiation, even with its app connectivity. I don’t have to risk my child’s health just to get alerts and data on their breathing. 

I use this breathing monitor to back up the best audio baby monitor to check on my baby better.


  • Also a movement and fall monitor
  • It has a near-zero radiation level
  • Discreet snap-on design


  • It has limited features

4. Levana Oma Sense Baby Breathing and Movement Monitor

4. Levana Oma Sense Baby Breathing and Movement Monitor


  • Weight: 31.4g
  • Dimensions: 25 mm L x 49 mm W x 61 mm H
  • Power Source: Lithium Batteries

Reading articles about radiation’s effects on babies got me looking for monitors without app connectivity. That’s how I chanced upon the Levana Oma Sense. 

Many of the best non-wifi baby monitor options also don’t emit much radiation

Other baby breathing monitors only alert you when your baby stops breathing. This monitor does more than that. In cases when breathing isn’t detected, the Levana Oma Sense alarms and vibrates to wake your baby up.


  • Vibrates to stimulate baby if breathing isn’t detected
  • Loud alarm sound
  • Does not emit wifi or Bluetooth frequencies


  • It doesn’t feature an app or Bluetooth connectivity

5. ContecMed CMS60D1 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

5. ContecMed CMS60D1 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter


  • Weight: ~250g
  • Dimensions: 159 mm L × 72 mm W × 31 mm H
  • Power Source: Lithium battery

Here’s what my medical friends recommended: the ContecMed Fingertip Pulse Oximeter. 

It passes medical standards in terms of accuracy and precision. It also has other adjustable settings, such as language, brightness, and volume. 

You can easily upload your data to your computer. This feature is useful, especially during online consultations with my pediatrician. It comes with an informative colored screen to display the graphs of your baby’s vitals.

If display screens are a buying factor, you can also look into the best split-screen baby monitor.


  • It has a precise display of vitals
  • Features data storage that you can upload to your computer
  • With battery indicator


  • Its oximeter can disrupt a baby’s sleep

The Purpose of Baby Breathing Monitors

The Purpose of Baby Breathing Monitors

Baby breathing monitors note your child’s respiration through oxygen levels or movement.

Breathing monitors that rely on oxygen levels are usually worn on your baby’s finger or limb. 

On the other hand, monitors that depend on movement are usually just snapped on your baby’s diaper or clothing. 

Regardless of the type you choose, these monitors alert you once breathing stops for a certain period. Many use sound alarms, while some can alert you through your smartphone. In general, there are other baby monitors available on the market.

If you’re wondering how baby monitors work, the answer depends on the type you’re getting. The brand is another factor. For example, Vava vs. Eufy baby monitor options have their differences.

How to Find the Best Oxygen Monitor for Baby

How to Find the Best Oxygen Monitor for Baby

These are the things you should consider if you think buying a breathing monitor is best for your baby:


Can you bring it anywhere?

Monitoring your child’s breathing is a 24/7 thing. Your oxygen monitor should be smooth so that you can always attach it to your baby.

Accuracy and Sensitivity

Is it collecting the right data? Does it give you the right data?

Your oxygen monitor should be precise. If it only gives you false alarms, it will only be a source of anxiety rather than security.

Build Quality

Can it last longer?

Your baby might move around. A defective baby breathing monitor will only give you a false sense of security. You won’t be alerted during the knock on wood, critical times.

Alarm System

What alarm system does it feature?

If your breathing monitor features a sound alarm, you should be able to hear it even from the next room. 

If your oxygen monitor alerts you through your phone, the alert should be noticeable even if you’re busy doing other things.

Pros and Cons of a Baby Breathing Monitor

Pros and Cons of a Baby Breathing Monitor

The usefulness of baby breathing monitors is debatable even among my mommy friends. The decision to get one is yours, but these are the things you should weigh:


  • It is a good way to monitor babies with medical problems
  • It can be a reference for what you can discuss with your doctors
  • It keeps track of the baby’s breathing patterns 
  • It can lessen anxiety for some parents


  • It may be more relaxed than medical monitors
  • It can give you false alarms
  • It can sometimes cause more stress than relief
  • There is no evidence of real benefits for healthy babies

If you decide to have a baby monitor of any type, you should also know when to stop using a baby monitor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below is more information that can be helpful for you to monitor your baby effectively:

Does My Baby Need a Heart Rate and Oxygen Monitor?

It depends. You need one if your baby has a medical condition that has to be monitored. Consult with your doctor first before purchasing any equipment.

If you have a healthy baby, it’s okay not to have one. These monitors may just give you anxiety when there’s nothing to worry about.

Are Baby Sensor Pads Safe?

Yes, they are. They usually go under your baby’s mattress to track breathing and movement.

They’re good tools to be alerted when a baby hits the head on the crib. However, you should still be careful with the false alarms they may provide.

What’s a Normal Baby Breathing Rate?

The normal breathing rate for a baby is, on average, 30 to 60 breaths per minute. Even so, their breathing rhythm differs from that of adults.

Pauses can be normal and frequent for the breathing of babies. Despite this, some pauses, one after the other, can trigger baby breathing monitors.



Have you decided on getting a baby breathing monitor?

Here’s a quick rundown of my top picks to serve as your basis in your search:

Budget Choice – Monbaby Smart Button

Your budget should continue you from being at ease with your baby’s condition. The best affordable baby monitor choices, such as the Monbaby Smart Button, are available for you. 

It’s priced lower than other monitors, but it offers reliable features. At an affordable price, you can get a breathing monitor and a movement and fall monitor.

Premium Choice – Viatom BabyO2 S2 Baby Oxygen Monitor

Regarding the best features, the Viatom BabyO2 S2 Baby Oxygen Monitor is a clear winner. Its precision and reliability are simply unrivaled. 

Even if priced higher than other baby breathing monitors, mommies can worry less. This in itself makes it worth it for me.

Editor’s Choice – AKOi Baby Care Alarm System

If you ask me which baby breathing monitor I rely on, it’s the AKOi Baby Care Alarm System. 

Its features may seem pretty basic at first glance, but its accuracy keeps me at ease. With this monitor, I don’t worry about false alarms. I don’t even have to think about it falling off my baby’s clothes because of its design. 

On top of this all, its diaper monitor features and long battery life make it a done deal for me.

Final Verdict

A baby breathing monitor can give you less anxiety whenever you leave your baby. It keeps track of their respiration and alerts you if it stops. 

Keep in mind that it can also give false alarms. You shouldn’t rely entirely on it to avoid sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), especially if you are unfamiliar with what SIDS is!

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