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The Best Baby Mobiles in 2023: Top 5 Options + Buyer’s Guide

The Best Baby Mobiles in 2023: Top 5 Options + Buyer's Guide

If you’re wondering how to keep your baby learning and growing even in their crib, baby mobiles might be your best solution!

As a tita to many babies, I’ve worked with many moms to find all the best ways to develop their young minds, even when they are in their cribs.

We always want to keep them busy and productive in a healthy way. The right baby mobile can complete your dream baby nursery idea!

I’ve hand-picked the best mobiles for all budgets and with different features..

Keep reading, mommies!

The 5 Best Baby Mobiles

I picked out five of the best crib mobiles for your babies, and I’m excited to share my thoughts with you so you can shop with ease!


Huanger Bed Bell Baby Crib Mobile - Editor's Choice

Huanger Bed Bell Baby Crib Mobile


Chicco Next 2 Dreams Blue Cot Mobile - Premium Choice

Chicco Next 2 Dreams Blue Cot Mobile


Baby Bed Bell Crib Mobile - Budget Choice

Baby Bed Bell Crib Mobile

1. Huanger Bed Bell Baby Crib Mobile – Editor’s Choice

1. Huanger Bed Bell Baby Crib Mobile - Editor's Choice


  • Dimensions: 50 x 48 cm
  • Weight: 0.91 kg
  • Batteries: 3x AA
  • Designs: Carousel, Airplane + Carousel
  • Mounting Type: Crib mount

The best mobile I have tried is the Huanger Bed Bell Baby Crib Mobile. It’s a perfect blend of functionality and value for money.

You can attach this baby mobile to elevate even the best cribs. I love how adjustable this mobile is; You can change the height, music, rotation speed, and even how low the toys can extend.

The adjustable rotation speed is perfect for training your baby’s eyes to focus better on moving objects. Not to mention that speeding it up or slowing it down is as easy as a button press.

Packed inside this relatively smaller baby mobile are 108 music tracks to stimulate your baby. There’s also the option to turn it off completely.

This particular model doesn’t come with a remote — although this makes it a lot cheaper. If having a remote isn’t a big deal for you, this model will do just fine.

If you choose to turn the music off, it makes a slight whirring noise which isn’t too bothersome. You’ll also want to make use of the many music tracks included anyways!


  • Can attach to many different surfaces
  • Adjustable height
  • 108 included songs
  • Adjustable rotation speed


  • Slight whirring sound with no music

2. Chicco Next 2 Dreams Blue Cot Mobile – Premium Choice

2. Chicco Next 2 Dreams Blue Cot Mobile - Premium Choice


  • Dimensions: 58.6 x 26.5 x 48.5 cm
  • Weight: 1.1 kg
  • Batteries: 3 x AA
  • Designs: Blue and Pink
  • Mounting Type: Square and rectangular crib mount only

If you want to splurge on a baby mobile to keep your little one entertained and stimulated in the crib, check out the Chicco Next 2 Dreams. It’s one of the safest options for your baby as it’s from Chicco — one of the most recognizable baby brands in the Philippines.

The most attractive thing about this baby mobile is its wide selection of cool, convenient, and useful features.

It has a soft night light, classical music options, and hypoallergenic toys that won’t trigger your baby’s allergies.

This mobile can also play different sounds to stimulate your baby’s ears, like various white noises that have been tested to help babies sleep easier.

Finally, it has an adjustable arm that mounts securely to the side of rectangular or square cribs. Unfortunately, it can’t be mounted on curved cribs.


  • Plays 20 minutes of classical music
  • Unique design
  • Soft fabric pendants
  • Secure mounting


  • Mounting doesn’t work on circular crib designs

3. Baby Bed Bell Crib Mobile – Budget Choice

3. Baby Bed Bell Crib Mobile - Budget Choice


  • Dimensions: 20 x 60 cm
  • Weight: None specified
  • Batteries: None required
  • Designs: 2 penguins, 1 bird
  • Mounting Type: Sold separately

If you’re looking for a budget option, the Baby Bed Bell crib mobile is the one for you. 

It has a straightforward wind chime design that will brighten up your baby’s crib. The simple design also helps it blend with a wider variety of room architecture.

Unlike other mobiles I’ve mentioned, it doesn’t need batteries to work, but this has upsides and downsides.

One upside is that it isn’t heavy at all, and you won’t have to deal with the hassle of buying and replacing batteries every time they run out.

The downside is that no music playback or extra features are baked into the baby mobile. But for this low price point, it’s hard to complain.

If you’re set on buying this baby mobile, you’ll have to spend a little extra on a mounting attachment to secure it to a crib or hang it from the ceiling.


  • Can be used for both baby boys and girls
  • No batteries needed
  • Can be reused as a design element in your child’s room
  • Super affordable


  • Doesn’t come with an attachment point
  • No music

4. Crib Toys Hanging With Music

4. Crib Toys Hanging With Music


  • Dimensions: 37.5 x 27.5 x 9.5cm
  • Weight: None specified
  • Batteries: 3 AA
  • Designs: 1 pink and 1 green
  • Mounting Type: Crib mount

If you’re looking for a baby mobile with a night light, among other features, this Crib Toys Hanging With Music baby mobile is an excellent choice.

This baby mobile gives off a warm glow to help your baby doze off, and automatically shuts off after some time to not disturb your baby. Plus, this mobile’s night light can also be used as a standalone night light when your baby outgrows their crib.

Another feature is playing music and lullabies from the integrated speaker in the same casing as the night light. Additionally, it has a removable teether pendant that will help your baby with teething.

The best thing I love about it is that it’s remote-controlled, so there’s no need to walk to the crib and fiddle with the mobile itself — everything is a button press away!


  • Night light is just right 
  • Remote control included
  • Removable teether pendant
  • Great value


  • Buttons on mobile are in Chinese

5. Sunclouds Wooden Baby Mobile

5. Sunclouds Wooden Baby Mobile


  • Dimensions: 14 x 15.5cm
  • Weight: Unspecified
  • Batteries: None
  • Designs: 37 minimalist-type designs
  • Mounting Type: Sold separately

The Sunclouds Wooden Baby Mobile is a great baby mobile because it has different mounting options, thanks to the adjustable and lightweight pieces.

The pieces on the mobile can be adjusted to sit higher or lower depending on how close you want it to the baby. It’s a helpful feature for homes with high or low ceilings.

The simple, minimalistic design will easily fit many different types of room designs. But if you want to spruce up your baby’s nursery, there are many options to choose from.

Even if your baby is allergic to certain materials, you don’t need to worry! The Sunclouds baby mobile is constructed with hypoallergenic materials.

I also found it easy to assemble, which is convenient for parents who don’t have much time to piece the baby mobile together.

I recommend mounting this mobile from the ceiling, but you can also attach it to your little one’s crib. However, this baby mobile has no mounting attachment in the box, so you’ll have to buy one separately.


  • Made from hypoallergenic materials
  • Can hang from either the ceiling or crib
  • Pieces can be adjusted higher or lower
  • Lots of minimalist design options


  • No mounting attachment included

How I Chose Baby Mobiles

How I Chose Baby Mobiles

When taking care of and playing with my little pamangkins, I always put safety as the NUMBER ONE PRIORITY in picking anything they will be using. I have the same mentality when choosing baby mobiles.

After safety, the next priority in picking baby mobiles was functionality. Each mobile I chose should help your baby’s eyes focus on stationary and moving objects.

Finally, I looked for extra convenient features that will make your life easier as a parent. In the next section, I’ll list the different factors you should consider when choosing a baby mobile.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Mobile for Baby Crib

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Mobile for Baby Crib

Remember that each mobile has unique pros and cons compared to the others. The only way to perfectly tailor your baby mobile for your child is by building a DIY baby mobile.

Also, you don’t need to buy the most expensive option to get a decent baby mobile. I’ve already listed a few options na mas swak sa budget.

However, some people might value the extra convenience features and quality that the more expensive options offer. Whichever you pick, try to fit it within your budget and baby’s needs.


The most important factor  for me is safety. This includes how the baby mobile is mounted, how heavy it is, the materials used, and the build quality.

If you use a heavier baby mobile with many features, you’ll want a mount strong enough to hold it. Plus, you should check whether your crib can support the baby mobile. Even if you’re using a lighter baby mobile, you should use higher quality mounts.

If your ceiling is low, try to get mobiles with height adjustments for moving objects, like the Sunclouds baby mobile I recommended.

This will make sure that the objects stay out of reach of your baby’s hands while being close enough for them to see.

The mobile should also be far away enough that you can easily see your baby’s sleep cues. If there’s a place where you shouldn’t be tipid, it’s safety.


The second factor to consider is the suite of features the baby mobile offers. Will you make use of all the features you’re paying for? Will you need more features?

If you know you’ll never use these cool and convenient features, there’s no need to splurge. You can go for cheaper options that still fulfill basic functions well.

Some features seem cool but don’t do much, while others seem bland but are actually useful in day-to-day operations. Try to imagine using it with your baby before buying the baby mobile.

Ease of Use

A good baby mobile should be easy to use. “Use” here means assembly, mounting, and operating any extra features it may have.
A great example of an easy-to-use baby mobile with lots of features is the Crib Toys Baby Mobile I recommended above.

Even if it has many cool and smart features that work automatically, you can also control it with the included remote.

That’s much more convenient than getting up from your bed every time your baby starts crying, or you need to adjust something on the baby mobile.

Size and Weight

The size and weight of a baby mobile are two more important factors to consider. You’re greatly limited by your crib size, room space, and mounting options.

If you have a smaller crib, you might want to avoid heavy baby mobiles jam-packed with extra features, as you don’t want your baby’s crib to be easily tipped over.

This is even more important for baby mobiles you plan to mount on the ceiling. The risk of falling is even higher than crib- or bassinet-mounted ones.

Additionally, if you’re planning to bring the baby mobile with you when you travel, you’ll want a small or collapsible model.

What is a Baby Mobile?

What is a Baby Mobile?

Baby mobiles are devices mounted above a baby for their cognitive development by stimulating their brain. They do this by reinforcing visual and motor development

Babies need the mobile because they can’t see very far, usually only a few centimeters from their face.

A baby mobile helps your little one practice focusing on and visually tracking objects as they move around. It can also be accompanied by sounds or music.

The best baby mobiles are gently stimulating. You’ll want one that engages them without keeping them up all night.

Why are Baby Mobiles for Bassinets or Cribs Useful?

There are several reasons why you should get a baby mobile for your child. Here are some of them:

  • It gently stimulates the baby’s eyes
  • It helps the baby practice focusing and tracking
  • It’s close enough to the baby’s face to help them see and focus
  • High contrast helps the baby distinguish separate objects
  • Is engaging enough but won’t keep your baby awake

Safety Precautions When Using Baby Mobiles

Like with other baby accessories, you should also remember some precautions when using baby mobiles, whether you’re using them for cribs or the best bassinets:

  • Mount the mobile securely to the ceiling, crib, or bassinet
  • Objects shouldn’t be too close to the baby’s face for safe sleep
  • Check if the crib or bassinet can handle the weight of the mobile
  • Check the materials of the mobile if your baby is allergic to certain materials
  • Buy high-quality mounts and attachments

My Top Picks


After trying all these great baby mobiles, here is a recap of my personal top picks.

Budget Choice – Baby Bed Bell Crib Mobile

If you’re on a really tight budget but still want an adorable baby mobile, this one should be your top pick.

It stimulates your baby’s eyes, is light, and the design can be used in your baby’s room even when they grow up. For the price, it’s one of the best!

Premium Choice – Chicco Next 2 Dreams Baby Mobile

If you’re planning to get a feature-packed baby mobile, the Chicco Next 2 Dreams Baby Mobile is the one for you and your baby.

Your little one can listen to high quality classical music while a gentle night light helps them see cute, hypoallergenic toys rotating around.

You know this mobile is trustworthy because it’s from a recognizable brand like Chicco. It’s one of the best premium options for baby mobiles.

Editor’s Choice – Huanger Bed Bell Baby Crib Mobile

The Huanger Bed Bell is my top pick for the best overall baby mobile because it provides a lot of valuable features and is designed well.

It does all of this for a great price point, giving it the best bang for the buck. You really can’t go wrong with this baby mobile.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I’ve covered my top picks for baby mobile and explained how to buy one. However, what if you still want to know more about them?

Don’t worry! I’ll be answering commonly asked questions many parents have about baby mobiles.

Are Crib Mobiles Safe?

Baby crib mobiles are 100% safe as long as they’re attached or mounted properly. You should also get one that isn’t too heavy for the crib you’re using.

If you build a DIY crib, be conservative with your estimate to how much weight it can take.

When Should I Stop Using a Baby Mobile?

You should stop using a baby mobile when they are big enough to grab the objects on the mobile. This is also usually around the time when they can get on their hands and knees.

Babies can usually do that at around 5 months, so I recommend you stop using it when they’re that old.

How Far Should a Mobile Be From the Baby?

A baby mobile should be hung around 12 inches or 30 centimeters from the baby, striking a balance between not being too close to their face and not being too far for them to see.

While I haven’t heard of any cases of SIDS caused by mobiles being too close, you still want to avoid any health hazards for your little one.


If you asked me which baby mobile I’d buy, it would be the Huanger Bed Bell Baby Crib Mobile.

However, your budget and needs might be different from mine. That’s why you should remember my factors to consider when choosing a baby mobile.

The bottom line when choosing any baby mobile is choosing a mounting type, something that’s safe and one with features you know you’ll make use of. Finally, don’t forget to stay within your budget, and you’ll be fine, mommies!

Sky Bustillo
Sky Bustillo

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Your kid’s safety and welfare are your top priority, that’s why I always make it to a point to learn from the stories and experiences of other moms.
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