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Best Breast Milk Storage Bags: What Are the Best to Get?

Best Breast Milk Storage Bags What Are the Best to Get

A mother is a baby’s primary source of nutrition. Even when you return to work or are out and about, you still need to give your child access to your priceless liquid gold.

You’ll need a storage solution to keep your breast milk healthy and fresh for your child to ensure that all your effort in pumping doesn’t go to waste.

I’ve used some of the best milk storage bags to keep your breast milk safe, secure, and fresh in the refrigerator or freezer until you can use it.

With my five suggestions, you can establish a feeding schedule and rhythm for your child without dealing with spoiled milk or burst bags.

This buying guide is meant for new parents or if you’re searching for new brands to try. Continue reading for a list of the top breast milk storage bags in the Philippines.


SUNMUM Value Pack Breast Milk Storage Bags


Honeysuckle Breast Pump Storage Bags


Li’l Twinkies New Clear Breast Milk Storage Bag

What Are the 5 Best Breast Milk Storage Bags to Buy?

Here are some of my top breast milk bags and why I recommend them.

1. SUNMUM Value Pack Breast Milk Storage Bags – Editor’s Choice

SUNMUM Value Pack Breast Milk Storage Bags


  • Maximum Bag Capacity: 8 oz.
  • No. Of Bags/Pack: 50 bags
  • BPA-Free? Yes

Excellent packaging. No spills. Simple labeling.

Sunmum is a brand that I, along with many mothers, trust regarding breastmilk storage bags since it has cutting-edge features like a triple zipper lock function that prevents spills. 

To always secure your baby’s safety, the milk bags are gamma sterilized, BPA-free, and include a seal of assurance. Thanks to its non-slip bottom, it can also stand upright inside the refrigerator to save space.

It comes in two sizes—8 ounces and 3 ounces—and is accurately labeled with measurements in both ounces and milliliters. 

Your baby’s name, the amount of milk expressed, the date, and the time are all in their boxes for convenient labeling. 

If you’re seeking milk bags that do the job, I recommend Sunmum!


  • It’s durable
  • High quality and safe for defrosting
  • It has 3 zip locks, so your breast milk won’t spill


  • The quality seal could be better

2. Honeysuckle Breast Pump Storage Bags – Premium Choice

Honeysuckle Breast Pump Storage Bags


  • Maximum Bag Capacity: 6 oz.
  • No. Of Bags/Pack: 25 bags
  • BPA-Free? Yes

Why not pump right into your storage bag? Well, you CAN, thanks to the Adapter linked to the Honeysuckle Breast Pump Bag.

Due to its widespread use and trust among hospitals and milk banks, HoneySuckle is one of the best-rated breast milk bags in the US. 

With this milk bag’s curved neck, you can transfer breastmilk into the feeding bottle and bid farewell to milk spills on your counter. 

These bags are pre-sterilized and uphold the strictest requirements for storing breastmilk. They never leak and are recyclable, OXO- biodegradable, BPA-free, and tamper-evident. 

If you buy the Honeysuckle adaptor, which is compatible with most breast pumps, you can also choose to pump directly into this bag, making this milk bag incredibly handy!  

Although no storage bag is completely leak-proof, Honeysuckle’s innovative design and rigorous quality control gave me a nearly leak-proof experience bag after bag.


  • The quality of these storage bags is SUPERB
  • Hospitals use it, and my OB recommended it


  • Sometimes the packaging is damaged, but it might be the courier’s fault
  • A bit pricey

3. Li’l Twinkies New Clear Breast Milk Storage Bag – Budget Choice

Li’l Twinkies New Clear Breast Milk Storage Bag


  • Maximum Bag Capacity: 8 oz.
  • No. Of Bags/Pack: 25
  • BPA-Free? Yes

Easily Transfer Milk With the Pour Spout Design!

The Li’l Twinkies Breast Milk Storage Bag was created to make it easier for breastfeeding mothers to save their baby’s fresh milk for future usage. 

It possesses a dual-layered seam construction for added durability, a double zipper seal to lock in freshness and vitamins, and the ability to self-stand—100% freezer-safe, pre-sterilized, and food-grade material.

This breast milk storage bag also incorporates an easy pour spout that’s been very useful for me. It’s also self-standing and leakproof.

One of my favorite things about it is the clear packaging, which makes it very simple to determine how much milk is contained per 8-ounce bag.

Each of the 25 pieces in a set includes plenty of space for recording the date, time, and amount of milk that was pumped. 


  • The thickness is ideal, and the quality is good
  • It has a fantastic spout and a cute design.
  • Very affordable!


  • The shape might not be symmetrical

4. Huppy Buppy Disposable Breast Milk Storage Bags

Huppy Buppy Disposable Breast Milk Storage Bags


  • Maximum Bag Capacity: 9 oz.
  • No. Of Bags/Pack: 30
  • BPA-Free? Yes

Colorful and Economical Stash With Three Cute Designs

Nursing moms find it difficult to juggle daycare, family, and work, but your baby feeding journey will be a little bit easier with Huppy Buppy.

If you enjoy bright patterns, you’ll enjoy using Huppy Buppy’s storage bags to amass this exquisitely designed stockpile of breastmilk in your freezer. 

Each box has three delightful patterns that are all pre-sterilized and BPA-free for the protection of your newborn. 

The safety tear tab on these breastfeeding storage bags keeps them tidy and prepared for freshly produced milk. 

Its double zip lock and strong material make it almost 100% leak proof. With Huppy Buppy, you can make breastfeeding easier even if you’re on a budget!


  • It doesn’t leak when set on its side
  • It has a large capacity
  • Adorable designs


  • I’ve received some packages that had a ziplock with a hole

5. Dula Breastmilk Storage Bag

Dula Breastmilk Storage Bag


  • Maximum Bag Capacity: 7 oz.
  • No. Of Bags/Pack: 30
  • BPA-Free? Yes

Improved Oxygen Barrier to Preserve Freshness of Breastmilk

I recommend these BPA-free Dula storage bags for freezing and preserving breast milk. 

They’re easy to stack because the bag lays flat, which reduces freezer room requirements and defrosting times. Apart from being gamma sterilized, they’re made of food- and medical-grade materials.

These bags have an enhanced protective oxygen barrier that keeps my baby’s breast milk fresh. 

You won’t have to worry about unwanted drips or leaks because it has a double zipper seal and a full coverage heat seal, making it 100% leakproof! 


  • The bag is thick and has a nice design
  • Good quality and worth the price
  • It has a protective oxygen barrier


  • The bag might feel thin to others

Where Can I Buy Breast Milk Storage Bags?

Where Can I Buy Breast Milk Storage Bags?

Here is where you may purchase breast milk storage bags:

  1. Most major department store chains now provide breast milk storage bags. Prices are estimated to be around PHP 290.00, if I’m not mistaken, for roughly 25 bags.
  1. Lazada is the greatest option if you’re the kind of online shopper who prefers to pay upon delivery. They are selling the Woodoo Breast Milk Bags, which come in three boxes and cost about P850.00 each. Each box has roughly 90 pieces, which you can buy here. Additionally, they sell Unimom Breastmilk Bags, which run P350.00 for a pack of 25. They also carry other brands!
  1. Babymamaph carries many breast milk storage bag brands, such as Jaco, Ebelbo, Honeysuckle, Unimom, Lansinoh (50s Box), and Ebelbo.
  1. Many BM storage bags are available from Liquid GoldPH, including Unimom, Belamom, GNMA, Jaco Perfection, and more.
  1. Several OLX/Carousell merchants sell breast milk storage bags. Just be careful when purchasing online, as some OLX sellers need online stores where you can follow up. 

Does It Matter What Breast Milk Storage Bags You Use?

Does It Matter What Breast Milk Storage Bags You Use?

You might wonder why you can’t just use a Ziploc bag like you’d find in any grocery store, like I did when I was a new mother. 

 If they are practical for storing adult food, shouldn’t they also be suitable for storing breast milk too?

Here are some reasons why using breast milk storage bags is preferable to using plastic baggies:

  • Ziploc bags are not intended to store breast milk, so there is a high likelihood of spills, leaks, or contamination.
  • The thicker, BPA-free milk storage bags can be used to freeze, defrost, and warm milk.
  • Because breast milk storage bags are strong and sterile, there is less chance that stray germs will cause illness in your baby.
  • Many have spouts for that reason; it’s much simpler to pour milk out of a breast milk storage bag than a Ziploc bag.

Avoid using plastic bags or disposable bottle liners. If you’re concerned they could tear, you can place the bags inside a plastic container with a cover. 

While you should avoid any containers made with bisphenol A or S, you can freeze breast milk in glass or BPA-free plastic containers that are freezer-safe. 

Furthermore, the bottle bags occasionally used for feeding differ from breast milk storage bags. Those bags are flimsier and should only be used for feeding; they are not advised for storing milk.

Why Would You Need a Breast Milk Storage Bag?

Why Would You Need a Breast Milk Storage Bag?

Breast milk storage bags are the easiest way to preserve and store your milk. Here’s why:

  1. Sterilized and BPA-free storage bags for breast milk are handy. You want to reduce the likelihood of infection and keep your breast milk unaltered. 
  2. You only need to fill in the gaps because most breast milk storage bag manufacturers have built-in volume indications and labels. These bags will make your mommy life simpler.
  3. Breast milk storage containers resist the milk’s freezing, thawing, and warming. Make sure the bag won’t leak by doing this. Each drop matters.

What Should You Consider Before Buying a Breast Milk Storage Bag?

What Should You Consider Before Buying a Breast Milk Storage Bag?

Here are a few crucial things to consider to ensure you choose the best milk storage bag from the many options available.

Consider factors like adapter options, usefulness, durability, size, and material to narrow your options. With this in mind, you’ll discover the ideal bag for your liquid gold.


Most milk bags come with a double or even triple zipper seal, making them leak-proof.  It’s also best to examine the milk bag’s construction if it is durable enough.

Although storing breast milk in a feeding bottle is fairly simple, I recommend looking for bags with large openings.

These bags usually have a funnel for pouring milk into the baby bottle and are simpler to transfer from the pump bottle. 

Select milk bags that can withstand being tightly packed in a freezer and are impervious to tears, leaks, and punctures.

The bottom section must be durable and non-slip to enable the bag to stand up when transferring milk. 


A baby typically consumes 1-4 ounces of breastmilk per feeding, so your breast milk storage bags must be that size.

Remember that each bag can only be filled up to 3/4 full, and the milk will expand when it freezes. To prevent spills and waste, the bag must be manageable.

You can select milk bags holding 3, 4, 6, or 8 ounces. One bag of milk can hold between 60 and 120 ml, but check their capacities to be certain. 

The size will depend on how much milk you can express throughout each pumping session. To avoid wasting a plastic storage bag, experiment with 1-2 sizes until you better understand your “usual volume.” 

Most milk storage bags I’ve tried are sold in boxes of 25 or 50. Depending on how frequently you pump breast milk, this could last anywhere from two weeks to a month.


You want to have as little stress as possible as a working mother.  I advise selecting bags that are simple and easy to use.

For convenience, select seals, multiple zipper closures, or upright stands.


Some bags have adapters that are convenient for directly pumping into the bags.

However, this is typically only supported if the storage bag and breast pump are the same brands.

Make Sure It Is BPA-Free and Sterilized

Breastmilk storage bags have already been sanitized instead of ordinary sandwiches or zip-lock bags. This ensures your child can safely consume uncontaminated breast milk.

Since they’re made of plastic, ensure the material is always BPA-free.

Some milk bags contain a safety or tamper-resistant seal as an additional security measure; this extra plastic must be torn off to access the milk bag’s zip feature. 

It guarantees that no dirt or particle enters the bag while still in the box.

Keep an Eye Out for Storage Bags With Ounce Markers

To make it simpler to gauge how much milk has been poured into the bag, look for milk storage bags with ounce indicators. 

Those mothers who pump directly into breastmilk storage bags will find these volume indications extremely useful.

Labeling each milk bag with the date it was pumped and the volume of milk inside is one of the fundamental rules for keeping breastmilk. 

Therefore, choose milk bags with a label-writing area. It will be easier to track which milk should be consumed first.

When using ounce markers and labels, it’s also simpler to determine how much milk needs to be thawed and rewarmed for your baby’s feeding. 

Should the breastmilk storage bag expiration date come, you’ll also be aware of which milk bag needs to be thrown away. 

Check to See if It’s Freezer Safe

It’s important to make sure that your breast milk storage bags can withstand extreme temperatures.

It must be suitable for freezing and thawing when submerged in warm water. The thickness of the bag is also important because it affects how long the milk will take to thaw and rewarm. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Learn more about breast milk storage bags here!

Which Is a Better Option, Storing Breast Milk in Bottles or Bags?

Never use standard disposable bags, like grocery or bottle-feeding bags. These could leak and degrade when frozen. 

Squeeze the air from the top of breast milk storage bags before sealing them firmly. Storage bags should be placed upright in another container to prevent milk leaks.

Can I Use Ziploc Bags for Breast Milk?

A plastic liner made for breast milk can also be used. Ziploc bags are not advised due to the possibility of leaks.

How Many Times Can You Use Breast Milk Storage Bags?

I would suggest that milk storage containers be used just once from a health standpoint. This is due to the potential bacterial risk that a repurposed storage bag could present to infants.

However, storage bags can be reused multiple times if properly sterilized in hot water.


Here is a rundown of my top choices:

Budget Choice – Li’l Twinkies New Clear Breast Milk Storage Bag

The Li’l Twinkies Breast Milk Storage Bag is a unique product that makes it easy for nursing mothers to save their baby’s fresh milk for future consumption.

A pouring spout in this breast milk storage bag makes milk pouring simple. In addition, it’s leak-proof and self-standing.

Li’l Twinkies is the top breast milk storage bag available right now if you’re a mom on a tight budget!

Premium Choice – Honeysuckle Breast Pump Storage Bags

The Honeysuckle Breast Pump Bag makes pumping simple when attached to the adapter. You can simply slide the bag’s notches over the adapter’s hooks. 

This brand is one of the top-rated breast milk bags in the US due to its extensive use and high confidence level among hospitals and milk banks. 

With these superior breast milk storage bags, you can make motherhood easier!

Editor’s Choice – SUNMUM Value Pack Breast Milk Storage Bags

My overall favorite is the SUNMUM Value Pack Breast Milk Storage Bags. As a breastfeeding mother, I prefer this brand because I found it to be more reliable than other storage bags.

Their bags are simple to use and made of high-quality materials. It also includes a triple lock to ensure the bag does not leak. 

Furthermore, the grip is easy to handle, and the bag itself is durable. I also like that it comes in a pack of 50 pieces. Sulit!

Final Verdict

Spills and leaks are unavoidable, despite our best efforts as mothers and protectors of our breast milk. They’ll occur from time to time with any brand. 

However, leaks are uncommon with these bags because of the pourable spout and double zipper seal.

SUNMUM bags are the ideal all-purpose storage bags since they perform well in the freezer and fridge, thaw quickly, and don’t have that awful plastic taste or smell. 

They can carry more milk than some competitors, which is convenient as your baby’s appetite grows.

I hope these best breast milk storage bags will save you trial and error and potential malfunctions. Happy shopping, mommies!

Nayna Llenos
Nayna Llenos

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