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What Are the 5 Best Dad Diaper Bags to Purchase?

What Are the 5 Best Dad Diaper Bags to Purchase

As a mother of 2, carrying all my baby’s valuables can be challenging and overwhelming, so I often rely on diaper bags to help me or my husband carry out our baby’s diapers and all their belongings to make our lives easier. 

However, shopping for the best baby diaper bags can be difficult, considering many options.

So, if you’re searching for a good quality diaper bag to keep diapers organized and store valuables, you have arrived at the perfect time. 

Today, I will discuss the best diaper bags to purchase based on my experience and preference. 


Bebear Bennett Diaper Bag Backpack


Skip Hop Forma Backpack Diaper Bag


Yoboo Shoulder Carried Diaper Bag

The 5 Best Diaper Bags for Dads

Here are the 5 best diaper bags for dads in the market today. Check it out! 

1. Bebear Bennett Diaper Bag Backpack – Editor’s Choice

Bebear Bennett Diaper Bag Backpack


  • Material: 100% Polyester Materials
  • Pockets: Insulated Bottle Pocket with Elastic Bands
  • Straps: Memory Foam Padding

Having a reliable diaper backpack should do wonders for me and my partner. The Bebear Bennett Diaper Bag Backpack is my choice for many reasons. 

This diaper backpack is lightweight, stylish, and water-resistant!

Most moms have difficulty discarding their baby’s wet diapers, so having a water-resistant diaper backpack is a great feature most of us would want. 

I also loved having plenty of compartments to keep things organized. Besides, when we’re choosing products for our babies, it should serve many purposes. 

This one packs many compartments and is spacious enough to squeeze in many of my baby’s valuables, like baby bottles, wet wipes, and many more.

Also, the insulated bottle pocket keeps my baby’s milk warm for long periods

With these many features, it is no surprise that it is one of the best diaper bags for 2 kids, especially for someone with a toddler and a newborn!

Based on our experience, my partner and I find it very comfortable to carry around because this diaper backpack is infused with memory foam padding around the back and shoulder parts adding comfort and support. 


  • Many compartments with lots of space
  • Spacious and lightweight
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Graphic labels on compartments
  • It comes with a secret pocket for essentials


  • Quite expensive

2. Skip Hop Forma Backpack Diaper Bag – Premium Choice

Skip Hop Forma Backpack Diaper Bag


  • Material: Quilted
  • Pockets: Elasticized Interior Pockets
  • Straps: Padded Backpack Straps

The Skip Hop Forma Backpack Diaper Bag is a wonderful addition to keep your baby’s diapers organized and in check. 

This is one little-cheeky bag, and it’s stylish, provides a lot of space, and, most of all, carries more diapers than it should

There’s no denying that becoming a parent is a costly endeavor.

However, whether my partner or I carry this diaper bag to malls or church, we wouldn’t mind because it exudes elegance and sleekness while also ensuring the safety of our baby’s belongings.

Also, it doesn’t only store our baby’s diapers, but we can also include clothing, bottles, and many more. 

You seldom find a diaper bag that can do it all.

I was fortunate to stumble upon these, as they are a lifesaver! Gone are the days when I would have difficulty packing all my baby’s things in one go.

It greatly impacted our lives as we no longer have to deal with long packing times or try to squeeze in additional space for another valuable item. 

This diaper bag pack contains two insulated side bottle pockets to warm your baby’s milk. 

Its main compartment is large enough to fit as many diapers as you want!

Overall, I am deeply amazed by this diaper bag. It’s elegant and sleek to look at and serves its purpose as its large compartment is more than enough to fit our baby’s diapers, other valuables, and snacks! 


  • Sleek, elegant, and stylish design
  • It comes with two insulated side bottle pockets
  • Padded backpack straps for added comfort and support
  • Two-way zip closure for easy access
  • Premium-looking and doesn’t feel cheap


  • Not everyone may like the design
  • On the expensive side

3. Yoboo Shoulder Carried Diaper Bag – Budget Choice

Yoboo Shoulder Carried Diaper Bag


  • Material: Made of Waterproof Materials; Nylon + Canvas
  • Pockets: Large Opening
  • Straps: 3 Carrying Styles; Single-Strap, Double-Strap, and Handheld

The Yoboo Shoulder Carried Diaper Bag is a good choice for moms who are tight on budget but are looking for a decent diaper bag that gets the job done. 

Based on my experience, you can carry this diaper bag in three ways: a messenger bag, a shoulder bag, or a backpack. 

Often, carrying diaper backpacks can be strenuous when done over long periods. However, this convenient feature allows me to pick and choose what type of carrying will be done. 

Also, despite its price, it doesn’t feel or look cheap

From the moment my hands grazed this wonderful diaper backpack, all I can think of is what a great purchase I have made for me and my partner. 

The diaper bag is waterproof and contains many compartments to store baby essentials in one sitting.

Overall, I am very satisfied with this diaper bag. For the price, it serves its purpose without the quality being compromised. I am so glad I found these, as they made our lives easier. 

I always use this diaper backpack whenever we go to the palengke or go to our province to meet our relatives.


  • Very affordable and doesn’t feel cheap
  • Gets the job done and stores many diapers
  • It feels very durable and premium
  • Easy time carrying the diaper bag
  • Versatile and multifunctional


  • Not a lot of designs to choose from
  • Not the best size

4. Colorland Diaper Backpack With Cooler Bag

Colorland Diaper Backpack With Cooler Bag


  • Material: Polyester Fiber
  • Pockets: 2 Insulated Bottle Pockets
  • Straps: D-Ring Design for Stroller Hook

The Colorland Diaper Backpack With Cooler Bag might be one of the few I didn’t regret buying impulsively. This diaper bag looks stylish from the get-go, which captured my heart.

I wanted something that could serve multiple purposes, and this diaper bag has a cooler

For someone living in the Philippines, you would know that the climate is really hot, and sipping a cold drink like water can easily quench your thirst. 

I also didn’t want a diaper bag that felt bulky and heavy because it added up to the overall weight you were born with. 

With this diaper bag, my husband and I didn’t encounter such problems even when it was full. In fact, we were so delighted with its ability to carry all our baby’s belongings as well as ours.

With that, the D-ring design allows me to hook this diaper backpack to my baby’s troller, which adds convenience and ease of use. 

It is water-resistant, and the material used for this diaper backpack is quite easy to use and machine wash-friendly. 

The polyester-fiber construction speaks for itself and feels very durable and premium. 

Overall, I can’t recommend this diaper bag enough. It hits the sweet spot of functionality and performance without spending thousands of money. 

The large compartment can store a minimum of 8 diapers in one sitting. I highly recommend this diaper backpack for short vacations, beach trips, campings, etc. 


  • Large storage compartments
  • Convenient design for smoother time carrying
  • Easy to use and machine wash-friendly
  • With a Built-in USB cable


  • Not a lot of colors to choose from

5. Sunveno Corduroy Diaper Backpack

Sunveno Corduroy Diaper Backpack


  • Material: Super Soft Velvet; Waterproof Oxford Fabric 
  • Pockets: 3 Insulated Bottle Pockets
  • Straps: Adjustable and Padded Straps

Whenever I look for something to carry around with my baby essentials, I always look for comfortable products

The Sunveno Corduroy Diaper Backpack is one of my best purchases in recent times related to my baby’s essentials.

This diaper backpack has a variety of pockets for different baby essentials. It has diapers, bottles, water areas, wet wipes, tissue areas, and nursing bottle areas. 

It has all the compartments I need to keep my baby’s essentials safe and secured at all times.

As I’ve mentioned, diaper bags are bulky and hard to carry. However, I didn’t experience it while using this one. 

It has smoothness whenever I carry it around; it doesn’t feel bulky on our shoulders and has the right amount of balance in weight and functionality.

Also, the Waterproof Oxford Fabric can be felt, as I don’t have difficulty cleaning this diaper bag. Cleaning this one also doesn’t take much and saves me time from any unnecessary burdens when cleaning other products. 

This is one of my best buys for a while now; it saved us tons of stress, and the aluminum-lined water bottle compartments were a lifesaver considering formulas tend to spoil quickly

I can’t recommend this product enough. It is one of the best in its price range for its performance and functionality. 


  • Easy to carry around
  • Keeps water bottles warm 
  • Lots of compartments for easy storage
  • Made of waterproof fabrics
  • Reasonably priced and well-built


  • Not a lot of colors and designs to choose from

How to Buy the Best Diaper Bag for Dads

How to Buy the Best Diaper Bag for Dads

Finding the right diaper bag is essential, especially if you will be using it for a long period. With so many options to choose from, choosing the RIGHT one can be overwhelming. 

However, here are some important tips to consider when buying diaper bags for dads.


Pouches can be more useful in many ways than you can imagine. For several reasons, pouches offer additional convenience to us parents.

Firstly, having many pouches can provide organization and help keep everything in place

For example, if you use a diaper bag for storing diapers and other essentials, having plenty of pouches can help keep things in place.

Moreover, pouches play a vital role in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene.

It’s important to remember that babies have sensitive skin, which can readily show signs of contamination if their products are exposed to germs.

By having separate compartments for water bottles, diapers, and wipes in different pouches, we can avoid digging through our diaper bags, which can leave a messy trail behind. 

Lastly, pouches can make our lives a little easier by switching from one diaper to another for different activities. 

If certain items have labels on them, it can be easy to mix and match which individual pouch is for this particular activity and the next. 

Nevertheless, pouches are some of the most important things to consider when finding the right diaper bag for you and your partner. 

Comfort and Convenience

First, if carrying around a specific bag is uncomfortable, it shouldn’t be one of your best options. Why? You will carry it around for hours; having the wrong one can be stressful and strenuous.

So, I recommend looking for designs that include adjustable straps and attachable features, which you can just attach to your strollers. Essentially, try looking for the best travel diaper bag so that carrying your baby’s essentials is much more convenient!

This feature saves you time and stress because you only have to hang it in your stroller.

Just imagine if you have to carry it around for multiple hours, it can be a grueling experience, especially for me. I can’t do it alone. 

However, if you can find a product that can help you even in the smallest ways, it should serve its purpose. Besides, who would buy a diaper bag that only adds to your stress?

Built-in Changing Pad

Having a built-in changing pad is a lifesaver for us moms out there. It ensures that our babies lay flat in a clean and comfortable place whenever we do diaper changes. 

Also, it is an important feature when looking for a diaper bag, especially if we are always ready on the go.

For example, if we’re going for out-of-the-country trips, we won’t know whether the surface our babies are lying on is germ-free.

Therefore, I recommend this feature to our fellow moms and would-be moms to always look for this kind of feature.

Lastly, having a built-in changing pad can be convenient and help us be efficient as parents

When our diaper bags have built-in changing pads, we no longer have to find a suitable spot when we change our diapers. 

Thus, it can save us plenty of time and hassle whenever we have this feature.

Like pouches, a built-in changing pad is a MUST for every diaper bag purchase. It provides convenience, safety, protection, and comfort to our babies. 


Having additional straps can work wonders for us parents because it can save us from carrying our diaper bags for long periods

While some parents consider this insignificant, I strongly recommend you go for one. Straps can help alleviate stress when carrying a diaper bag for many hours

There are certain straps wherein you can just attach or hang them into your strollers, which can help you rest and not put further strain on your back or shoulders. 

I suggest you do so whenever you have straps on your diaper bags. It is more important not only for our babies but also for ourselves to find comfort. 

Size Preference

It boils down to personal preference. I would always recommend the bigger one because its purpose is to carry diapers and all of my baby’s essentials. 

For a mommy with a toddler and a baby, I find putting all their essentials in one bag more convenient than carrying small diaper bags when going to malls. 

However, if you only buy a diaper bag for storing diapers ONLY, I suggest you opt for the smaller one. 

Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning is almost always part of parenthood. You want to ensure that whatever goes through your baby’s mouth or skin is clean and germ-free

For a diaper bag, you want something machine wash-friendly or waterproof. Most of the time, spills are inevitable, which is why we need a waterproof diaper bag

We can’t hang it around under the head of the sun and wait for it to dry, right? So, it is essential to have a diaper bag with waterproof features to avoid hassle. 

Also, having a waterproof diaper bag ensures your baby’s supplies remain dry and clean, especially in the Philippines, where the climate is ever-changing. 

You want something to be ready even if it doesn’t rain. 


While velcro straps are great, they don’t feel secure because they can leave gaps and holes outside. 

Whenever you look for a diaper bag, it is recommended that it should be constructed with zippers. 

Zippers provide safety and security as they can help keep things secure inside without fear of your essentials falling.

As much as possible, try to avoid Velcro straps as things tend to stick frequently and might disturb your baby as it makes a loud sound when opening. 


You want something that is durable but isn’t hard to clean

From my experience, lightweight fabric is the best choice, as it doesn’t add up to your weight. In addition, you want a material that is waterproof and stain-resistant. 

Remember, these diaper bags go through a lot, from milk spills and snack stains, especially if you have 2 or more babies; getting the best diaper bag for twins or two children will greatly help!

So choose a fabric material with all these features to ensure everything can be thoroughly cleaned without having a hard time. 

Some of the more viable options are microfiber, polyester, and cotton. 

These are light, washable, and durable. They are also cheap, so buying a diaper bag made from these would be pretty inexpensive.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have additional questions regarding diaper bags for dads, you might find some answers below. 

Do I Need a Diaper Bag?

Of course! Having a diaper bag to store my baby’s valuables and essentials is a MUST. It can save me time whenever I go packing if we’re going out of town or somewhere. 

In addition, a diaper bag isn’t only used for storing diaper bags alone; it can also store your baby’s bottles, wipes, and many baby essentials

A diaper bag is necessary if you find yourself and your partner constantly going out of town.

Can I Bring a Diaper Bag to the Hospital?

Yes! You can bring a diaper bag to the hospital and load it with your baby’s essentials. Whether for the mom or the baby, a diaper bag is perfect for storing all your valuables. 

The best diaper backpacks should cover all your essentials, including your baby’s. They are designed for dads to have an easier time sorting and storing things in an organized manner. 

As I’ve mentioned, it comes with multiple compartments dedicated to different types of things. It can be for diapers, clothes, formulas, baby bottles, and many more. 

How Big Should My Diaper Backpack Be?

A diaper bag should be spacious enough to carry all the essentials, from water bottles, wipes, diapers, baby clothes, and many more. 

It should pack plenty of space to accommodate everything.

In addition, I would highly recommend having both: one small diaper backpack and another bigger one. 

Why? If you’re only going out of your house for a short amount of time, you don’t need a big one to carry all your baby’s things. 

However, suppose you plan on going for extended trips or beach outings. 

In that case, having a bigger diaper backpack to store all your baby’s valuables and essentials in one bag is highly recommended. 

Can I Use My Backpack as a Diaper Backpack?

Yes. However, it may not be as convenient as a diaper bag for several reasons

Most diaper bags have compartments and pouches intended for different storage plans, a feature that most backpacks don’t have.

Most backpacks only have a maximum of 3 compartments, whereas a diaper backpack can have multiple compartments of around 10 to 15 to accommodate all of our baby’s essentials. 

Backpacks don’t come with insulated pockets, a feature recommended if you will be storing your baby’s formula inside the backpack.

Lastly, only a few backpacks have waterproof features, whereas a diaper backpack almost always has one. 

Nevertheless, diaper backpacks provide convenience and ease of use if you use them as a diaper backpack alternative. 

What Should I Pack Inside My Diaper Bag?

For incoming moms and dads, learning what to pack inside a diaper bag is essential to have a more efficient time when going out. 

However, packing can differ slightly from parent to parent, depending on where you are going, what activity, and how many babies you have. 

You can expect all your baby’s essentials to be dished out every hour or so; you might need to restock them occasionally. 

If you are wondering what are some of the most common things to pack inside a diaper bag, worry not, as I have you covered. 

Based on my experience, here are some of the most common baby essentials I pack inside my baby diaper bag:

  • 3 to 5 diapers
  • One pack of baby wipes
  • Pacifier and a few backups
  • Snacks and munchies
  • Baby clothes for changing
  • Diaper cream, sunscreen, and lotion
  • Sippy cups, bibs, and baby bottles
  • Toys, lots of them!
  • Swaddle blankets, teethers, and any other feeding equipment

You see, there are many things you need to pack before going on a road trip

With this list in mind, you ensure you get all your baby’s must-haves. I highly recommend making a checklist for your baby’s essentials before leaving home. 

What Are Different Types of Diaper Bags?

In case you’re wondering, different diaper bags are on the market today. With many different options, it is best to know how to choose the correct diaper bag for your preference!

However, one is not better than the other. It’s just a matter of preference on which type you want to carry around. 


A diaper backpack is the most popular option because it’s completely hands-free, and you only have to rely on your back to carry it all together.

They look like your old high school backpacks and are quite popular because they are easier to carry and often have a large storage capacity.


This diaper bag has two long straps and is usually carried over your shoulder.

I’m not too fond of this design because it puts too much stress on my shoulders, whereas backpacks can help distribute weight evenly on both shoulders.

They are often small and would look like duffel bags you carry around whenever you go for groceries or late-night visits to grandma, 


This is another popular option that works the same as totes. The design uses a single-strap design often worn over the shoulder or crossbody.

The only problem with messenger-type diaper bags is they can be tough on our bodies, the same case with totes, as it puts too much stress on our shoulders. 



Here’s the summary of my top picks to help you pick and choose the right diaper bag for you and your partner. 

Budget Choice – Yoboo Shoulder Carried Diaper Bag

Who says going on a limited budget can go out of style? I strongly recommend the Yoboo Shoulder Carried Diaper Bag for my budget choice. 

It’s a pretty straightforward bag and serves its purpose far more than you can imagine.

This diaper bag has amazing storage capacity and can be carried around in three ways for convenience and comfort. 

Overall, it doesn’t break the bank and can do wonders for parents on a budget. 

Premium Choice – Skip Hop Forma Backpack Diaper Bag

If money isn’t one of your concerns, the Skip Hop Forma Backpack Diaper Bag is the best choice. It looks elegant and can rival some designer bags with its luxurious design and interior.

It has a big capacity and packs all the necessary features you want from a diaper bag. It can store all your baby’s essentials, including yours or your husband’s. 

This diaper bag feels premium and is good for the price. 

Editor’s Choice – Bebear Bennett Diaper Bag Backpack

If you are looking for the sweet spot in a diaper bag, the Bebear Bennett Diaper Bag Backpack is a good addition

The combination of functionality, ease of use, price, and storage capacity made me love this product. 

It doesn’t help that it’s packed with several features that can make our lives easier as parents whenever we leave our homes

This product’s best feature is its insulated bottle pockets and waterproof design.


A dad diaper bag can be an essential tool for parents, especially fathers, who want to stay organized and prepared while on the go with their little bundles of joys. 

The 5 best dad diaper bags offer the best option for you: performance, functionality, comfort, ease of use, and all the bells and whistles you need in your diaper bag.

Whether you are an soon-to-be parent or an experienced one, you would know by now how a diaper bag can help you have a wonderful time with your babies

Diaper bags keep things organized and will save you all the time looking for just one particular item. 

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