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The Best Fetal Dopplers for Expecting Moms

The Best Fetal Dopplers for Expecting Moms

Is there anything more endearing than hearing your unborn child’s heartbeat? Baby heartbeat monitors let us hear fetal heartbeat while relaxing in our homes. 

During ultrasounds, a baby’s heartbeat is expected as a sign of life and is frequently one of the first times that pregnancy starts to feel “real” to new parents. 

I believe this is a bonding moment before the baby is born. Families may do this anytime, in the comfort of their homes, thanks to fetal Dopplers. 

If you’re interested in at-home fetal Doppler systems, here’s a primer on the market’s best, how baby monitors work, and other relevant topics.


Dr. Isla T6 Fetal Doppler

Dr. Isla T6 Fetal Doppler


Jumper SHA10 Portable Graphic Fetal Doppler

Jumper SHA10 Portable Graphic Fetal Doppler


Coodle Baby On-Hand Fetal Doppler

Coodle Baby On-Hand Fetal Doppler

1. Dr.Isla T6 Fetal Doppler – Editor’s Choice

Dr. Isla T6 Fetal Doppler


  • Brand: Dr.Isla
  • Color: White and Pink
  • FHR Measurement Range: 50-230 BPM
  • Power Amplifier Source: Battery-powered
  • Warranty: 5 years

This baby heartbeat monitor can track unborn children’s heartbeat, movements, and kicks. It has a sizable LCD screen for easy operation.

Moms-to-be can use the baby Doppler independently to detect the fetal heartbeat and determine FHR. After testing, I like that this product has a sensitive probe for good sound. 

It has a low ultrasound power, a 3MHZ Doppler probe, and fetal heartbeat detection. It requires two AA batteries to operate. However, they are not provided in the packaging.

Remember to always wipe and sanitize the fetal heart rate meter with a dry cloth or paper towel after using the Doppler. Only intermittent, short-term use is appropriate for this.


  • High-quality, distinctive fetal heart sounds
  • Working mode with multiple parameters and fetal heart rate display
  • Compatible with speakers and earphones


  • Most mothers believed that free batteries would be a better addition.
  • More gel is required to hear the baby’s heartbeat.

2. Jumper SHA10 Portable Graphic Fetal Doppler – Premium Choice

Jumper SHA10 Portable Graphic Fetal Doppler


  • Brand: Jumper
  • Color: White
  • FHR Measurement Range: 50-210 BPM
  • Power Amplifier Source: Battery-powered
  • Warranty: 7 days

Due to its expensive cost but good quality, the Jumper SHA10 Portable Graphic Fetal Doppler is the premium option on the list.

It has simple and convenient operations and may be used in homes, clinics, and hospitals for daily self-checks. It also shows the fetal heart rate on a TFT screen. 

Interestingly, it can use Bluetooth to link to a mobile phone app and track the infant’s heart rate in real-time. 

With the use of its Abnormal Fetal Heart Rate Reminder feature, it can also determine whether the heart rate is abnormal. The figures will appear in green text if the heart rate is within normal bounds; otherwise, they will appear in red font.


  • It contains a waterproof high-sensitivity probe that makes it simple to find fetal heartbeats.
  • It provides precise readings and is very portable.
  • In addition, it incorporates pulse wave technology, which lowers the need for angles.


  • High price

3. Coodle Baby On-Hand Fetal Doppler – Budget Choice

Coodle Baby On-Hand Fetal Doppler


  • Brand: Coodle Baby
  • Color: White and Pink
  • FHR Measurement Range: 50-240 BPM
  • Power Amplifier Source: Battery-powered
  • Warranty: 1 month

The least expensive option on the list is the Coodle Baby On-Hand Fetal Doppler. In addition to being reasonably priced, the quality is uncompromised. 

When using this Doppler, it requires the gel that is provided in the package. You can use it if you’re already in your 16th week.

It encourages the application of precise and more rational fetal home monitoring. As recommended, I used it three times every day in my experience. 

It features an advanced noise reduction device integrated into it that can efficiently cut noise so the output is clearer.

With this affordable baby monitor, you can observe without visiting the hospital for testing, saving money and reducing anxiety. Pregnant women at high risk are allegedly advised to use it.


  • For the price, the item is reasonable.
  • It features minimal power consumption and a highly sensitive probe.
  • It’s simple to read the sizable LCD screen with a backlight.


  • There haven’t been any negative remarks at this point yet.

4. CONTEC Baby Sound C Fetal Doppler

CONTEC Baby Sound C Fetal Doppler


  • Brand: CONTEC
  • Color: Blue and Pink
  • FHR Measurement Range: 50-240 BPM
  • Power Amplifier Source: Battery-powered
  • Warranty: 1 year

The CONTEC Baby Sound C Fetal Doppler is a portable tool for fetal heart detection. You can see the waveform and measured FHR value on the LCD panel.

Thanks to its simple and quick operation, pregnant women can perform daily self-checks, enabling early monitoring and life-saving care. This can be done ANYWHERE, whether at the hospital or at home.

According to my experience, it is portable, lightweight, tiny, and easy to use! Also, a bent probe construction that is simple to use and promotes comfort embodies the humanized design. 

It is capable of using recording cables to connect to other recording equipment.

One of China’s major medical device manufacturing bases, The CONTEC Company, has devoted 23 years to the healthcare industry—making this a reliable product.


  • From a reputable company
  • It features a large HD screen and two listening options.
  • Has a big, sensitive probe and a high-quality speaker.


  • No negative remarks have been voiced as of yet.

5. Fantasy T Mall Mijia Andon Fetal Doppler

Fantasy T Mall Mijia Andon Fetal Doppler


  • Brand: Fantasy
  • Color: White
  • FHR Measurement Range: 50-230 BPM
  • Power Amplifier Source: Battery-powered
  • Warranty: 14 days

The Fantasy T Mall Mijia Andon Fetal Doppler earns a slot on this list. 

This fetal Doppler contains a large LCD with a backlight, a multi-mode switch, an integrated speaker, and intelligent noise suppression. 

Also, the Doppler includes a highly sensitive, bent probe for ease of use. The feature is shut off automatically if there is no action for a minute. It also conveniently comes with Cofoe gel.

I began using it every morning after getting out of bed as early as 8 to 18 weeks of pregnancy.

I appreciate how portable and simple to keep it is, as well as how light and small it is. The ultrasonic power per unit area is modest, safe, and dependable.


  • It can precisely track the fetal heart’s oscillations thanks to a sensitive, independent probe.
  • Two displays of numbers and curves make it easier to understand how to represent a range of information.
  • There are two easy-to-use methods for listening.


  • There haven’t yet been any negative remarks.

What’s a Fetal Doppler?

What’s a Fetal Doppler?

Fetal Dopplers or fetal Doppler monitors are small, portable devices that help you identify a fetal heartbeat. The fetal heart will appear on the screen when it is found. 

You can also hear your heartbeat through the speakers of the apparatus.

While others might have to wait a little while, some parents might hear their child immediately! Fetal Dopplers are used at doctors’ offices to check on the baby’s heart development. 

Fetal Dopplers can also be used at home in between appointments. They offer various advantages even though they do not replace checkups. 

Home fetal Dopplers are seen as essential by many soon-to-be parents. Here are some advantages offered by fetal Dopplers.


In the nine months before giving birth, many parents experience anxiety. Is the infant okay? How am I to know? Doctors advise keeping an eye out for pregnant symptoms like counting kicks.

Fetal Dopplers, when utilized properly, can add another layer of certainty in addition to fetal movement. Those who have already endured miscarriages will find this to be extremely helpful.

High-Risk Pregnancy

If your pregnancy is high-risk, your doctor could advise you to get a fetal Doppler for your house. If used properly, you might be able to detect an irregular heartbeat.

If this happens, you can call your doctor to get a diagnosis or visit the emergency room.

May Reduce the Risk of Postpartum Depression

A recent study found that prenatal bonding may reduce the risk of postpartum depression. A fetal Doppler is one of the few opportunities to develop a bond with your unborn child before they are born.

Once your child is born, hearing their heartbeat might help you feel more connected to them.

Family Bonding

Fetal Doppler monitoring also fosters closer ties between family members. Hearing the baby’s heartbeat with a fetal Doppler at home can seem more genuine.

It can also be used to introduce siblings to young children gently.

NOTE: A baby breathing monitor is another item that new mothers can think about purchasing. The alert on a baby’s breathing monitor sounds if your child’s breathing stops. Your doctor could suggest getting a newborn breathing monitor if your baby was delivered prematurely or has breathing problems.

How to Find the Best Baby Heartbeat Monitor

How to Find the Best Baby Heartbeat Monitor

You should think about what you want in a fetal Doppler before purchasing.

Conduct your research before clicking the buy button, as many brands are accessible online. Here are some hints on what to look for when choosing the best fetal doppler model. 


You should ask the following questions first: Is it simple to assemble? How soon can the baby’s heartbeat be found using this device? 

Fortunately, a lot of fetal Dopplers are easy to use! You can use them from the comfort of your own home, saving yourself a trip to the doctor.


Find a brand that fits your budget. Some fetal Dopplers are a bit pricey, with some going over P1,000, but there are also some affordable options as well.

You are certain to find a product that you will feel comfortable spending money on with the variety of possibilities now available.

Sound and Feedback

If you want the whole family to listen, a Doppler with an integrated speaker is required.

Some models include a pair of headphones if you don’t already have any so you can start listening immediately. 

The quantity of static that low-quality and high-quality models emit is one of the differences between them. It may be more challenging to hear your baby’s heartbeat when there is static. 

Buy a model with an audio/earphone output if you believe you might wish to record your baby’s heartbeat. 

To show it to their doctor or midwife and ask if it is normal, some moms choose to record the heartbeat.

NOTE: A non-wifi baby monitor is another helpful item for new mothers. A non-Wi-Fi baby monitor can operate without internet connection. It is a wireless baby monitor that enables parents or other adults to keep an eye on their children without using the internet.

How to Monitor Baby Heartbeat at Home

How to Monitor Baby Heartbeat at Home

You can check your unborn child’s heartbeat during pregnancy if you have a fetal Doppler, often known as an electronic fetal heart rate monitor. 

The fetal Doppler allows you to hear your baby’s heartbeat and establish a connection with them. There is no medical diagnosis provided. 

The monitor gauges your infant’s heartbeat and how it alters in response to movement. 

The first 12 weeks of pregnancy, also called the first trimester, are when a baby’s heart beats the fastest. However, the baby’s small size makes it challenging to hear the heartbeat. 

As the fetus grows, the heart rate progressively returns to a normal range of 110 to 160 beats per minute.

During clinic visits, your doctor frequently utilizes a fetal Doppler to reassure you that your baby is healthy. Your medical staff could ask you to check your baby’s heart rate at home if you are being observed there.

The majority of dopplers come with their operating instructions, although the following is a general outline:

  1. Before using the monitor, you should feel your abdomen to determine your baby’s position. 
  2. Apply a small amount of gel (just Doppler gel) on the monitor’s probe. 
  3. After that, place the probe close to your pubic bone on your lower abdomen. 
  4. Keep the probe in touch with your skin while angling or tilting it until you hear a galloping sound, the baby’s heartbeat. 
  5. Record the fetal heart rate. 
  6. As you listen further, remember that the statistics might shift a little. 
  7. You can move the probe as necessary to get the finest cardiac signal. 
  8. When to stop using the baby monitor? Use the fetal Doppler for no more than ten minutes at a time.
  9. Your doctor will examine the data after you’ve recorded the fetal heart rate readings. 

You will rarely encounter issues where the baby’s heart rate requires additional monitoring or are. There are no physical dangers associated with fetal heart rate monitoring for you or your unborn child.

However, you can feel anxious if your child’s heart rate is irregular.

If your measurements are abnormal or you have any worries or queries regarding keeping track of the fetal heart rate at home, consult your doctor immediately.

NOTE: A split-screen baby monitor employs two or more cameras and is helpful for new mothers. It will watch over your child in their room or a different room from you. Since these cameras are linked to the primary display, you may see the feeds from both cameras simultaneously.

How Can I Determine the Health of My Unborn Child While I’m Pregnant?

How Can I Determine the Health of My Unborn Child While I'm Pregnant?

Making sure their unborn child is healthy throughout pregnancy is one of the reasons mothers use fetal Dopplers. Luckily, there are more effective ways of performing this.

Fetal Movements

Fetal movements, commonly referred to as quickening or kicks, let you know your child is growing normally. 

Even though you might feel movement as early as week 20, it usually gets more noticeable by week 25. Your baby’s motions will diminish as you get closer to your due date, about 36 weeks.

Count the motions to check on the health of your infant. When your baby is active, usually after meals, getting into a comfortable position.

Keep track of how often you feel your child move or kick. Within two hours, you will likely feel at least ten motions.

If you have yet to experience ten movements in two hours, make an appointment with your doctor for a checkup.

Belly Measurements

Use a tape measure on the expansion of your tummy. You can measure the height of your uterus and abdomen if you do it correctly. 

You can try this after twelve weeks when your uterus emerges from your pelvis. To measure yourself at home, take the following actions:

  • Locate the pubic bone. It is located above the pubic region and should be hard to the touch.
  • Locate the fundus, which is the top of your uterus. Massage your abdominal button gently from below or above. At 20 weeks, the fundus should be above the belly button. Under the skin, the fundus ought to feel like a ridge.
  • Measure cm from your pubic bone to your fundus using a measuring tape.

The measurement should be within 1 to 4 centimeters of your unborn child’s gestational age. Your measurement should fall between 24 and 32 cm if you are 28 weeks pregnant. 

Ask if you need to do it correctly or are unsure at your next OB appointment.

It is important to remember that there may be some variations in this measurement system based on the size of your baby and the number of infants you are carrying.

Visit a Physician

As a mother, you have an innate intuition about what is and isn’t normal. 

Discuss with your doctor if you are pregnant and have concerns about the general health of the baby you’re expecting.

Your doctor might do diagnostic testing to ensure your baby is healthy. Making a short phone call could help you get some answers and relax. 

Always follow your gut. Monitoring the development and health of your unborn child can be done in alternate, risk-free ways. I strongly advise using these techniques instead of standard fetal Dopplers.

Dopplers vs. Ultrasound

Dopplers vs. Ultrasound

Dopplers take 10–12 weeks to detect a baby’s heartbeat accurately. On your next visit, your doctor might try again. Your results could be improved with an ultrasound.

Fetal heart rates range from five to twenty-five beats per minute or 110 to 160 beats per minute.

You might be surprised to learn that ultrasonography is not a mechanical process. Human ears cannot hear ultrasounds because of their extremely high sound vibrations. 

During an ultrasound appointment, the physician will operate an ultrasound machine to capture audio and video images of your developing child while in the womb.

A technician controls the ultrasound equipment, which creates the image and generates the sound. In contrast, a fetal Doppler can only make a sound when placed close to the source.

NOTE: A baby alarm or audio baby monitor is a radio device that listens to a baby’s sounds. The child is placed close to a transmitter unit with a microphone as part of an audio monitor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These are the fetal Doppler-related queries that expectant mothers ask most frequently:

Do Cheap Fetal Dopplers Work?

Baby cardiac monitors used at home are less effective. These lesser-priced fetal Dopplers, commonly known as doptones, are less advanced than the ones your doctor uses. 

Until later in pregnancy, most of them aren’t nearly sensitive enough to hear the little heartbeat of your unborn child.

Can I Use a Fetal Doppler Every Day?

It is safe to use a fetal Doppler at home once or twice a week for a short period. 

One to two times each week using the Doppler is not much time spent in front of the ultrasound equipment; you and your unborn child will be completely secure. 

There is no evidence from medical studies that ultrasounds are dangerous.



Here is a brief recap of the top three suggestions for the best fetal Dopplers in the Philippines:

Budget Choice – Coodle Baby On-Hand Fetal Doppler

The Coodle Baby On-Hand Fetal Doppler is the least expensive option among the four products. 

The product has better reviews than other Dopplers in the same price range, which I verified after testing and studying it to ensure that it is not just affordable. 

I love that the device saved me a ton of money by refraining me from going to the hospital or undergoing tests. 

It is extremely helpful for high-risk expectant mothers who must undergo daily tests for both the baby’s and their safety. It performs quite a few tasks for a low-cost Doppler. Without a doubt, I wholeheartedly recommend it!

Premium Choice – Jumper SHA10 Portable Graphic Fetal Doppler

The premium choice for the best fetal Doppler is the Jumper SHA10 Portable Graphic Fetal Doppler. You may be certain of the product’s quality and efficiency despite the expensive cost. 

According to the evaluations for this device, many mothers commended it for being convenient and, most importantly, accurate.

The Strong Anti-Interference Ability feature makes it simpler for expectant mothers to find the baby’s heartbeat. Only with a minimum of effort! 

I adore this Doppler’s Abnormal Fetal Heart Rate Reminder, which shows if the fetus’s heart rate is normal or abnormal. 

This is probably the most helpful Doppler for expectant mothers unfamiliar with Dopplers.

Editor’s Choice – Dr.Isla T6 Fetal Doppler

The Dr.Isla T6 Fetal Doppler is currently the top fetal Doppler overall in the market. I ran a test to see the commotion because this has the most positive reviews overall. 

I’ve demonstrated through testing that in addition to being reasonably priced, it also offers many fantastic features that would benefit most parents who don’t have the money to splurge on these devices but need them due to high-risk pregnancies.

Compared to other Dopplers on the market, it outperforms them in price and features. Unquestionably the most sulit investment for Pinay mamas!

Final Verdict

Undoubtedly, every expectant mother delights in hearing her newborn child’s heartbeat. Before placing your order, however, make sure to speak with your doctor.

Before purchasing, you should consider a few recommendations if you’re looking for the greatest fetal Dopplers. 

In addition to that, you need to consider the manufacturer, customer feedback, device dependability, and support alternatives. 

You’ll soon have all the time you want to savor that wonderful pulse. Best wishes, mama! As you start this new adventure, I wish you health and happiness.

Nayna Llenos
Nayna Llenos

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