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The Best Lactation Supplements to Increase Milk Supply

The Best Lactation Supplements to Increase Milk Supply

Not producing enough milk after delivery was not something I expected to face during my pregnancy or nursing, yet that is exactly where I found myself. 

Lactation vitamins come in handy in this situation. Although it didn’t work overnight, the lactation supplements were a tremendous help for me – and they might benefit you, too.

A mother’s milk supply may increase when nursing through breastfeeding or lactation supplements.

So, which lactation supplements are the finest of the many options available? 

This article will thoroughly explain the solution to this dilemma to make choosing simple and fast. Tara, mommies!

The 5 Best Lactation Supplements

These are the greatest breastfeeding supplements available to increase your milk production naturally at home.


Tiny Buds Buds & Blossoms Pure & Young Malunggay Capsule - Editor's Choice

Tiny Buds Buds & Blooms Pure & Young Malunggay Capsule


Galacto Bombs Lactation Treats Sampler Box - Premium Choice

Galacto Bombs Lactation Treats Sampler Box


Premium Herbs Corp. Red Juice Moms Instant Powdered Juice Mix - Budget Choice

Premium Herbs Corp. Red Juice Moms Instant Powdered Juice Mix

1. Tiny Buds Buds & Blossoms Pure & Young Malunggay Capsule – Editor’s Choice

1. Tiny Buds Buds & Blooms Pure & Young Malunggay Capsule - Editor's Choice


  • Brand: Tiny Buds
  • Formulation: Capsules
  • Main Ingredient: Malunggay (Moringa oleifera)

The top product I’ve used, Buds & Blossoms Pure & Young Malunggay Capsules, contains Malunggay, also known as Moringa oleifera

This product stood out because of its high quality, affordable price, and expert recommendation.

Breastfeeding women take Moringa oleifera because it increases milk production and offers extra nutrients for the mother and the infant.

Malunggay is frequently promoted for its health advantages since it’s packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. 

Your baby won’t notice a difference between left and right breast milk after you take these capsules. They’ll be nourished and full!

These capsules are more practical than taking malunggay directly because they help me save time as a working mom. I can’t recommend them enough!


  • No extraneous ingredients or preservatives
  • Full of nutritious vitamins and amino acids
  • Boosts energy and immunity in both mothers and children


  • The pill is large and can be hard to swallow

2. Galacto Bombs Lactation Treats Sampler Box – Premium Choice

2. Galacto Bombs Lactation Treats Sampler Box - Premium Choice


  • Brand: Galacto Bombs
  • Formulation: Lactation Cookies
  • Main Ingredient: Oats, Flax Seed, and Brewer’s Yeast

Galacto Bombs is a breastmilk booster company in the Philippines with humble origins. It was founded in 2017 by a fellow mommy who was having trouble breastfeeding her child.

The best ingredients are used to create Galacto Bombs to guarantee efficiency and safety. They make lactation cookies in a wide range of flavors to better serve your needs.

Galacto Bombs proudly use only premium ingredients, like oats and flaxseed, to improve milk production.

This lactation supplement is, without a doubt, my favorite because of my sweet tooth. This supplement is a must-buy if you love sweets!

GOOD TO KNOW: Some other foods that can increase your milk supply are berries, almonds, and oatmeal with ground flaxseeds. Also, what you eat will affect the flavor of your breast milk.


  • Packed with healthy ingredients for breastfeeding
  • Delicious and nutritious
  • Includes flax meals, brewer’s yeast, oats, and other galactagogues


  • May be too sweet for some moms

3. Premium Herbs Corp. Red Juice Moms Instant Powdered Juice Mix – Budget Choice

3. Premium Herbs Corp. Red Juice Moms Instant Powdered Juice Mix - Budget Choice


  • Brand: Premium Herbs Corp.
  • Formulation: Powdered Juice Mix
  • Main Ingredient: Folic Acid and Moringa Extract

Don’t worry if you’re a mommy on a tight budget! You can get the Premium Herbs Corp Red Juice Moms Instant Powdered Juice Mix with Folic Acid and Moringa Extract. 

Folic acid is crucial because it can help prevent birth abnormalities that could affect your baby’s brain and spine.

Malunggay leaves are a naturally occurring galactagogue. This means they’re a chemical that increases a mother’s milk supply. 

It has been utilized for centuries to increase breast milk production. It’s also a good source of nutrition for mothers and infants. 

This Red Juice also has a flavor that I enjoy. If you don’t like the cookies above, you can try this refreshing beverage instead.


  • It contains DHA, which offers health advantages
  • It contains iodine, which aids in the body’s growth and development
  • Very efficient and refreshing


  • One box only has 7 sachets

4. Rosmar Kagayaku Momilk Lactation Booster

4. Rosmar Kagayaku Momilk Lactation Booster


  • Brand: Rosmar Kagayaku
  • Formulation: Powdered Milk
  • Main Ingredient: Fiber, Malunggay, Fenugreek, Cinnamon

Because of its promising components, the Rosmar Kagayaku Momilk Lactation Booster is one of my top lactation supplements.

Momilk is made from a blend of four organic herbs that help mommies produce nutritious breastmilk, which is crucial for developing the baby’s overall health.

With the help of this product, mothers can express nutritious, healthy breastmilk to nourish their newborns and young children. Best of all, it encourages good breast milk flow.


  • Contains organic herbs that aid in producing high-quality, nutritious breastmilk
  • Beneficial for PCOS and reproductive concerns in women
  • It’s super budget-friendly!


  • It can take too long to mix sometimes

5. Vitamen Vita-Moms Food Supplement

Vitamen Vita-Moms Food Supplement


  • Brand: Vitamen
  • Formulation: Capsules
  • Main Ingredient: Malunggay, Folic Acid, Vitamin D3

The Vitamen Vita-Moms Food Supplement is my final pick for you. You may wonder, “What kind of nutrients do you get when you drink these capsules?

You get 4 glasses’ worth of milk, 7 oranges’ worth of vitamin C, 3 bananas’ worth of potassium, 3 spinach leaves’ worth of iron, and 4 carrots’ worth of beta-carotene for better eyesight!

It is produced entirely of organic and natural substances. It also has all-stars like malunggay and folic acid. 

This supplement can help lactating mothers lower their blood sugar or blood pressure. It helps breastfeeding mothers produce healthy breast milk for their children. 

It’s also great for expectant mothers who want to ensure their child is born healthy.


  • It increases your body’s resistance to illness
  • It aids in preventing the dilution or quick loss of your breast milk
  • Helps people with diabetes


  • Very expensive

What Are Lactation Supplements?

What Are Lactation Supplements?

Lactation supplements can potentially promote or increase milk production in nursing mothers.

Lactation supplements have several ingredients that can boost a woman’s breast milk supply. These include herbs, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients!

Over-the-counter breastfeeding supplements frequently contain the following ingredients:

  • Black seed
  • Blessed thistle
  • Coleus amboinicus Lour (C. amboinicus)
  • Fennel
  • Fenugreek
  • Milk thistle
  • Palm date
  • Shatavari root

The majority of breastfeeding supplements are typically available as oral pills or capsules, but you can also get lactation teas. Breastfeeding tea typically contains less herbs than the other kinds of supplements.

Kids need breast milk growing up, so it is crucial to consider the ingredients in your lactation supplement.

When to Take Lactation Supplements

You can increase your milk supply in many different ways by using lactation supplements. 

For instance, you might take them concurrently with pumping or breastfeeding so that they complement each other and boost your supply. 

You can also take them before bed so they can function while you sleep and ensure you have more breast milk when your baby wakes up hungry. 

The lactation supplements you choose will be based on your particular tastes and needs.

If you have plugged ducts, mastitis, one breast is not producing milk, or are pumping to improve your milk flow, you may benefit from taking a different supplement for each of these issues.

Milk production can return shortly after the relactation process has started, although it frequently takes weeks or months. 

NOTE: All antihistamines or allergy medications are safe to take while nursing because very small levels are secreted in the breast milk and won’t harm a newborn.

How to Find the Best Lactation Supplement

How to Find the Best Lactation Supplement

People should examine the safety and documented efficacy of their choice when selecting a herbal galactagogue. Avoid supplements that might interfere with your prescription drugs or health issues. 

Think about the form of the supplement, too. For instance, people who don’t like taking pills may prefer a liquid administration supplement.

I recommend comparing prices based on how much product you’re getting for the price. Consult a doctor to find out if breastfeeding supplements will work for you and which products to try.

Here are some factors you should consider when choosing a lactation supplement.


Carefully examine the ingredient list and nutrition information panel to understand which ingredients are in a supplement.

Before taking a breastfeeding supplement, it is critical to consult with your doctor because herbs can interact with various drugs. 

Bring the supplement label to your doctor to discuss the individual substances in the supplement and any possible conflicts with any medications or supplements you’re taking.


Saving money is fantastic, but you also want to ensure you get a good product. Occasionally, the best lactation supplements will cost more.

Consult Your Doctor

I strongly advise doing this before taking any supplements. Show your doctor the supplement you’re considering so they can assess its safety. 

They can study the ingredient list and your medical history to determine whether you should avoid any ingredients or foods

For example, if you’re allergic to peanuts, then you should avoid consuming fenugreek.

What Causes Low Milk Supply?

What Causes Low Milk Supply?

Understanding your milk supply—what might boost it, what can cut it off, and how your body produces milk—is crucial to ensure the highest possible standard of living for moms and developing children.

Postpartum Fatigue

It’s easier said than done, but we’ve all heard the proverb, “Sleep when the baby sleeps.” 

Sleep is crucial for maintaining a healthy and good milk supply; inadequate sleep reduces your milk production. 

Maintaining your feet raised whenever you can—during feedings or while watching television—is another way to ensure consistent milk production.

Postpartum fatigue is a frequent issue among women who have just given birth. 

Mothers are under enormous pressure to succeed in a society that does not focus enough on postpartum recovery, care, or newborn and baby-directed help.

Too Much Caffeine

It’s difficult enough to simply not get enough sleep and not be permitted to heal in an environment that doesn’t allow enough time.

Parents typically drink too much caffeine to counteract their exhaustion.

However, excessive caffeine use can also lead to low iron levels and decreased milk production. A dehydrated body produces less milk

While you are breastfeeding, it is also possible that too much caffeine could enter your baby through your milk supply.

TIP: To keep your breast milk flowing smoothly while breastfeeding or pumping, lactation massage uses simple massage methods on the breast. This is similar to the practice of hand expression.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Learn more about lactation supplements here!

Which Vitamins Help Breast Milk Production?

A nutrient-dense diet can help with maintaining your milk supply. Iodine and selenium are beneficial for thyroid health, which in turn can support optimal milk production. 

Magnesium, potassium, and sodium can help stabilize your blood sugar; steady blood sugar is also important for milk production.

When Should I Start Taking Lactation Supplements?

Breastfeeding benefits both moms and their babies. The ideal time to begin breastfeeding is normally soon after giving birth.

However, there’s no ideal time for people to begin using lactation supplements.

Some women begin taking lactation aids while they are pregnant. Not all herbal supplements, meanwhile, are safe to consume while you’re pregnant.



Here is a quick recap of my favorite lactation supplements!

Budget Choice – Premium Herbs Corp. Red Juice Moms Instant Powdered Juice Mix

My top bargain pick is the PHC Red Juice Moms Instant Powdered Juice Mix, a lactation supplement that provides outstanding value without sacrificing quality. 

This cost-effective lactation supplement offers a unique fusion of quality and natural ingredients at an easy price on the wallet. 

It’s the best alternative for individuals looking for a cost-effective option.

Premium Choice – Galacto Bombs Lactation Treats Sampler Box

My premium choice is the Galacto Bombs Lactation Treats Sampler Box, a box full of delicacies baked with the highest care for nursing mothers. 

These delights deliver a combination of tastes that will excite your taste buds and help you express more breast milk for your baby.

These rich lactation treats were made to soothe and nourish you during this unique stage of parenthood, elevating your breastfeeding experience.

Editor’s Choice – Tiny Buds Buds & Blossoms Pure & Young Malunggay Capsule

Tiny Buds Buds & Blossoms Pure & Young Malunggay Capsule is my top choice for lactation supplements.

This superb supplement is the best thanks to its exceptional quality, efficacy, and overall value. Precision-crafted capsules ensure maximum bioavailability and absorption. 

Improve your breastfeeding experience with this product!

Final Verdict

All new mothers want to ensure they generate enough milk for their little ones.

Finding the ideal supplement to boost a mother’s milk supply requires trial and error because a mother may not know what’s causing their poor milk supply.

Several options are available for nursing mothers seeking the best supplements to increase milk production. 

While considering other possibilities, such as lactation consultants, lifestyle changes, and medicine, ask your doctor for advice!

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