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Best Maternity Leggings: Which Ones Should You Buy?

Best Maternity Leggings: Which One Should You Buy?

The best maternity leggings for segurista moms should be versatile, durable, thick, comfy, and affordable.

Maternity leggings are more than just regular leggings. They should have excellent support and comfort for a growing belly.

However, finding maternity leggings can be tricky. Don’t stress, because I’ve got you covered!

SPOILER ALERT: This article also includes sections on buying factors, types of leggings, and FAQs from fellow moms.

The 5 Best Maternity Leggings

Here are my favorite maternity leggings, picked for both comfort and style.


Mama’s Choice Activewear Maternity Leggings


Carry-on Baby Maternity Leggings


AR2K’s Maternity Leggings

1. Editor’s Choice – Mama’s Choice Activewear Maternity Leggings

1. Editor's Choice - Mama's Choice Activewear Maternity Leggings


  • Clothing material: Viscose, Spandex
  • Leggings Type: Over-the-bump
  • Length: Full- length

This is obviously my favorite. I have 2 of these in my wardrobe (I gave some away to my other pregnant friends already.)

I was more into leggings than maternity dresses when I was pregnant, which explains why I have quite a few. Anyway, I know you’ll love these maternity leggings from Mama’s Choice too.

These leggings’ soft, thick fabric is perfect for pregnancy, as it’s both comfortable and supportive.

I found them super soft and breathable, and they didn’t feel too tight or restrictive. The waistband is also average in terms of comfort and flexibility.

One thing to note is that these leggings are only available in one size, which is free size. This means that they may only be a good fit for some. 

Nonetheless, Mama’s Choice has a comprehensible sizing guide for these leggings, so you can check them out. 


  • Super soft and comfortable
  • Average comfort for waistband flexibility
  • Soft, thick, and breathable materials
  • It can be used long-term due to its durability


  •  It does not offer many sizing options

2. Premium Choice – Carry-on Baby Maternity Leggings

2. Premium Choice - Carry-on Baby Maternity Leggings


  • Clothing material: Nylon, Spandex
  • Leggings Type: Over-the-bump
  • Length: Full-length

These leggings offer a luxurious blend of comfort, support, and style for expectant moms. Like Mama’s Choice leggings, they’re also over-the-bump, which provides support as your belly grows. 

It also has a very stretchy and comfortable waistband. At the same time, the built-in support panel helps to lift your bump and improve your posture.

These features allow for better freedom of movement while maintaining a snug and secure fit. Plus, they help give moms much-needed relief during the later stages of pregnancy.

The breathable fabric helps to keep you cool and comfortable, even when you go out. You can pair these leggings with a chic pair of pregnancy shoes to complete your prenatal look!

I would’ve ranked this first if it weren’t for its price. Still, its qualities are worth it, which is why I still recommend it! 


  • Stretchy waistband 
  • Built-in support panel to lift your bump
  • Helps improve posture by relieving pressure on the back and pelvic area
  • Seamless and comfortable fit 
  • Opaque (not see-through) breathable fabric


  • Very pricey

3. Budget Choice – AR2K’s Maternity Leggings

3. Budget Choice - AR2K's Maternity Leggings


  • Clothing material: Cotton Spandex
  • Leggings Type: Over-the-bump
  • Size: Full-length

A standout feature of these leggings is the adjustable and stretchable garter waist. This feature allows for a customizable fit.

The 100% cotton spandex material provides a soft and cozy feel against the skin. This also allows for all-day comfort and breathability. 

Whether you’re running errands, attending appointments, or relaxing at home, these leggings will keep you at ease.

One thing to keep in mind is that these leggings may become less supportive and lose their shape over time. However, they’re very affordable.

The accessible price point makes them an attractive choice for moms-to-be who want to stay within their budget. I also keep them hand-washed to maintain their fit and give them a longer life span.


  • Adjustable and stretchable garter waist
  • Super comfortable
  • Very affordable
  • Versatile fabric materials
  • Available in a variety of colors


  • May become less supportive and lose shape over time
  • Does not offer much belly support

4. Momewear Maternity Leggings

4. Momewear Maternity Leggings


  • Clothing material: 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex
  • Leggings Type: Over-the-bump
  • Length: Full-length

Versatility is a key advantage of Momewear Maternity Leggings. They can be easily dressed up or down, making them suitable for various occasions. They can even be used as maternity jeans!

The 95% polyester and 5% spandex blend provide a soft, stretchy fabric. These materials ensure a comfortable fit and ease of movement during exercise and physical activities.

Regarding maintenance, these leggings are easy to wash and care for. Just don’t use bleach on them.

However, it’s important to note that Momewear Maternity Leggings may have limited options for plus-size women. It would benefit the brand to expand its size range to accommodate a broader range of body types.


  • Adjustable strap on the upper waist
  • Versatile and can be dressed up or down 
  • Best during exercise and physical activities
  • Easy to wash and care for


  • Limited options for plus-size women

5. Bestmommy Maternity Leggings

5. Bestmommy Maternity Leggings


  • Clothing material: Cotton
  • Leggings Type: Over-the-bump
  • Length: Full-length

One of the standout features of Bestmommy Maternity Leggings is their ability to accommodate up to 3XL. Only a few maternity leggings can accommodate many sizes.

I also appreciate the breathability and stretchability of these leggings.

The cotton material offers comfort, while its stretchiness ensures a flexible and adjustable fit. It also makes the leggings less restrictive. 

These qualities make the product preferred by moms looking for a comfortable and flexible pair of leggings. Frankly, I wish all the best maternity clothes were like this!

However, I found that these leggings’ fabric is a bit thin, so it is best paired with oversized tops.

These leggings are also a budget-friendly option, so you can take your savings and use them for other clothes like maternity pajamas.


  • It can accommodate up to 3XL
  • It may lose shape over time
  • Breathable and stretchable 
  • It also comes at an affordable price


  • Fabric is thin
  • Less durable compared to the other leggings

What Are Some Factors to Consider When Buying Maternity Leggings?

What Are Some Factors to Consider When Buying Maternity Leggings?

As an expert mom of two, I’ve been through pregnancy, and I know that finding the right maternity leggings can be tiresome.

Maternity leggings aren’t just about style. They’re essential for supporting the unique demands of moms’ changing bodies.

They are a basic need for all expecting mommies. This is why you must consider the right factors when buying.

1. Versatility

Being a mom is not an excuse to stop doing chores. 

In fact, it’s a great way to engage in some exercises. Chores like cleaning, laundry, and cooking can all be done while getting your heart rate up and burning calories.

Therefore, you must look for leggings that can be dressed up or down

They should provide the flexibility to accommodate your changing wardrobe needs during pregnancy.

A versatile pair of maternity leggings stretches and grows with your belly so you won’t have to keep buying new ones. They’re just like compression leggings, but with a few bonus considerations!

2. Durability

Durability is key when it comes to maternity wear. Maternity leggings are no exception, so it’s worth buying maternity clothes before your bump appears.

You’ll live in these clothes during pregnancy. So, you may want to find pieces that will last you throughout your pregnancy and even beyond. 

Similar to versatility, you may also have to wear these leggings while doing chores. 

Look for a pair made from a sturdy material or with a reinforced waistband. 

A durable pair of maternity leggings will last beyond childbirth and can still be worn to support your postpartum belly.

3. Thickness

The thickness of the material can affect the comfort of maternity leggings.

A thicker material will be more opaque and provide more warmth, but it may also be less comfortable in hot weather. 

A thinner material will be more breathable and cooler in hot weather but may not provide as much warmth.

Moreover, the thickness factor can also determine the leggings’ versatility in styling options. 

Thicker leggings can be worn as standalone bottoms. Thinner leggings, on the other hand, are closer to maternity underwear, more ideal for layering under dresses or long tops. 

4. Comfort

A comfortable mom means a comfortable baby. 

You can only provide better care for your baby and yourself when you feel comfortable and confident.

Here’s how you make sure you buy comfortable maternity leggings.

  • Find supportive leggings that will adjust to your growing belly
  • Choose leggings made from soft, breathable materials for optimal comfort
  • Opt for a comfortable waistband — neither too tight nor too loose
  • Select leggings with stretchy fabric to accommodate your growing belly
  • Choose moisture-wicking leggings to stay fresh and dry

5. Washability

Maternity leggings should be machine-washable and wrinkle-resistant. This will make them easy to care for and keep them looking good long-term.

Machine-washable leggings are durable and will last longer. They are less likely to fade, shrink, or stretch out.

Lots of the maternity leggings I’ve tried don’t prioritize this factor. 

Many of them may tend to become less supportive and lose shape and color after being washed enough times.

6. Style

Embracing your pregnancy journey with style can boost your self-esteem and make you feel great.

You’ll probably wear your maternity leggings more often and want to ensure you feel comfortable and stylish. You can dress up or down your leggings.

I recommend styling them literally however you want, as long as you stay comfortable. 

Although I didn’t include any in this selection, it’s worth noting that aside from full-length leggings, there are also options that end around the mid-calf or just below the knee.

7. Budget

Budgeting is key for segurista moms as pregnancy involves various expenses — from prenatal care to baby essentials.

Maternity leggings are pricier than regular leggings, so consider the cost before buying.

To stay within my budget, I shop online instead. It lets you escape the hassle of going through traffic and crowded stores. 

You can find better deals on maternity leggings online rather than in stores. Plus, you can also look for sales or discounts. 

Many online stores have discounts on maternity clothes throughout the year, so be sure to check them out.

What Are the Different Types of Maternity Leggings?

What Are the Different Types of Maternity Leggings?

I understand the importance of finding the right styles to suit your needs. Fortunately, there are several types of maternity leggings to choose from. 

You will probably need more than one pair of maternal leggings in your 9-month journey, so find a style that you feel comfortable and confident in.

But first, let me explain the different maternity leggings types.

Over-the-Bump Maternity Leggings

Think of them as the ultimate high-rise leggings.

Maternity leggings with a large, belly-snuggling panel of soft and stretchy fabric are truly a blessing. 

These over-the-bump leggings provide support and comfort for your growing belly. They provide a secure, snug fit supporting your bump throughout your third trimester. 

These leggings will surely keep you comfortable and confident no matter what you do.

Under-the-Bump Maternity Leggings

Under-the-bump maternity leggings are another great option for pregnant women. 

They have a stretchy waistband that sits under your belly, making them more comfortable for women who prefer a lower-rise fit. 

Some moms-to-be adore the under-the-bump style — finding it comfortable and stylish.

However, they may not be as supportive as over-the-bump leggings, so it is important to try them on before you buy. 

I can assure you that finding what works best for you is the key to maternity leggings.

Non-maternity Leggings

Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to maternity-specific leggings while you’re pregnant.

The truth is that non-maternity leggings are easier to find. This is because the non-maternity clothing market offers various brands and styles.

When you opt for non-maternity leggings, go up a size or two and choose styles with medium, low, or no compression. 

This will ensure comfort and room for your growing belly. I also strongly suggest avoiding regular leggings with seams or stitching that could penetrate your skin.

What’s the Difference Between Maternity Leggings and Regular Leggings?

Maternity leggings are bump-friendly to accommodate a growing belly, while regular leggings do not. 

They typically have a higher waistline and a wider band to provide support and comfort.

Maternity leggings may have features that regular leggings do not, such as a built-in belly band or a pocket for storing essentials.

They offer specific features like better belly coverage, stretch, support, and a comfortable fit tailored for moms. 

Regular leggings, while versatile on their own, are not designed to adapt to a growing belly.

Frequently Asked Questions

While the previous sections cover the basics, you may still have some questions.

I hope these questions I’ve gathered from fellow moms will help you decide on your purchase.

When Should You Start Wearing Maternity Leggings?

You can start wearing maternity leggings as soon as your bump comes in, around the first 4-5 months of pregnancy. 

However, you may need to wear maternity clothes sooner if your belly grows earlier. 

I’ve heard that some moms find that their regular clothes still fit comfortably — even during the first trimester of pregnancy.

During the first trimester, the main consideration to some may be their larger bra size instead of their leggings.

Can You Wear Regular Leggings During Pregnancy?

Yes, regular leggings can be worn in the early months of pregnancy.

However, as your belly grows, you may find that regular leggings become less comfortable or need to offer more support. 

That’s when transitioning to maternity leggings can be beneficial, since they provide additional support and coverage to ensure comfort throughout your pregnancy.

If you still prefer regular leggings, make sure they’re a size or two up.

Are Maternity Leggings See-Through?

No, maternity leggings are designed to be opaque and not see-through. 

Many brands ensure their maternity leggings are made of high-quality, thick fabrics for ample coverage. These thick fabrics ensure that they will not show your underwear or skin. 

But, depending on the brand, some may be made of thin fabrics — usually light-colored leggings. 

Always opt for darker shades. They are less see-through.

Should You Size Up in Leggings When Pregnant?

Yes, you should size up in leggings when pregnant.

If you try to buy maternity leggings in your pre-pregnancy size, they’ll likely be too tight and uncomfortable. Remember; it’s best to move up with maternity clothes sizes!

As your baby bump grows, even a larger size of regular leggings may not provide sufficient comfort, though you can upsize as needed.

When picking the size of your maternity leggings, it’s important to balance the fit. They should fit snugly but also be tight enough for support.


Now that you’ve finished this article, I hope you know how to pick out maternity leggings of your own. 

Remember, maternity leggings are there to give support, comfort, and flex with you throughout your pregnancy.

The key is to prioritize your comfort and individual preferences.

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