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Best Organic Crib Mattress: My Top 5 Picks + Full Buying Guide

Best Organic Crib Mattress My Top 5 Picks + Full Buying Guide

New moms and dads have shared with me that crib mattresses are part of their list of organic baby essentials.

These mattresses are a must-have because they are free from harmful chemicals a baby’s developing lungs can inhale.

When choosing the best organic crib mattress, here are some key points you need to consider: 

  • Does it use non-toxic materials?
  • Is it comfortable and safe for your babies?
  • What features does it have?
  • Are the price and overall quality reasonable?

With this in mind, I have gathered the best organic crib mattresses to keep your baby safe and secure.


6-in-1 Organic Baby Mattress

6-in-1 Organic Baby Mattress


Tiny Winks Classic Crib Mattress

Tiny Winks Classic Crib Mattress


Organic Baby Bed Mat

Organic Baby Bed Mat

5 Best Organic Crib Mattresses

Organic crib mattresses contain no toxic chemicals and are produced from natural materials.

In general, the best cribs offer a healthier sleeping environment. 

An organic crib mattress is an excellent foundation for parents who want to give their children the greatest possible start in life. 

Most parents and I find these five organic crib mattresses trustworthy and top-tier.  

Let’s check out the best picks!

1. 6-in-1 Organic Baby Mattress – Editor’s Choice

6-in-1 Organic Baby Mattress


  • Materials: 100% Organic Cotton, Polyester
  • Dimension: ‎73.66 x 43.18 x 10.16 cm
  • Hypoallergenic: Yes

This product’s assurance of being organic and sustainable is a significant advantage.

It is made with GOTS-certified organic, non-toxic, breathable, and hypoallergenic fabrics. It is also filled with polyester fiber for a fully machine-washable lounger.

Furthermore, the versatility of the mattress is a great asset. Using it in six ways allows for flexibility and adaptability as your baby grows. 

Do you need it as a co-sleeper, lounger, tummy-time prop, seat support, stroller cushion, or changing pad? This multi-functional mattress has you covered.

One downside that some parents may encounter is that the crib mattress can be difficult to wash or clean. 

This can be inconvenient, especially in cases of spills, accidents, or general maintenance.

Nevertheless, this baby mattress fits seamlessly into any home as a non-intrusive support aid, ready and waiting to give an extra hand.


  • The product is organic, sustainable, and ethically made
  • Best gift for new mothers
  • It can be used in six different ways
  • Modern and minimal design
  • Super comfortable for babies


  • Difficult to wash or clean

2. Tiny Winks Classic Crib Mattress – Premium Choice


  • Materials: Baby-safe foam, 
  • Dimension: 4x28x52 inches
  • Hypoallergenic: Yes

This crib mattress from Tiny Winks is certified safe and non-toxic. They’re free from harsh chemicals, dyes, flame retardants, heavy metals, and ozone depleters. 

This premium choice mattress is also hypo-allergenic, antibacterial, and odorless.

Besides meeting the highest safety standards, comfort is another selling point it offers. This mattress uses high-quality and high-density foam that won’t flatten over time. 

The covers feature hidden zipper closures, allowing easy removal and washing. You also get a plastic zip case to keep the mattress clean during transport and storage.

The only drawback is the price point. This mattress is priced higher than some alternatives in the market. 

Despite this, it’s important to remember that Tiny Winks prioritizes the health and safety of our baby — even if it is used with a drop-size crib


  • It has many health-prioritizing features 
  • Easy to clean and transport
  • It is made to fit all standard-size cribs
  • Foam and cover are Sanitized®-certified
  • Approved and recommended by pediatric therapists


  • Most expensive product in this review

3. Organic Baby Bed Mat – Budget Choice

Organic Baby Bed Mat


  • Materials: Bamboo, 100% cotton, waterproof fabric
  • Dimension: 80 x 100 cm
  • Hypoallergenic: N/A
  • Price: starts at ₱449.00

This specific mattress choice provides several benefits besides affordability.

Firstly, it is machine-washable, making it incredibly convenient for busy parents. You can easily maintain it clean and fresh for your child with a quick toss in the washing machine.

Additionally, it features an ultra-soft fabric that is long-lasting. This gives your baby a comfortable sleeping surface.

Its durability means it can withstand repeated use and washing without losing its softness.

One notable advantage of this crib sheet is its three-layer waterproof protection. This provides extra protection against leaks and spills, keeping your mattress dry and clean. 

At an affordable price point, you can get a mattress made of premium material, no harmful dyes, no vinyl pvc, latex-free, and BPA-free.


  • Suitable for machine washing
  • Ultra-soft and durable
  • It comes in an adorable lovely pattern
  • 3-layer waterproof protection
  • It comes at an affordable price


  • Some parents say that the mattress skids or slides.

4. Joyce & Diana Baby Mattress with Protector 

Joyce & Diana Baby Mattress with Protector


  • Materials: Foam exterior fabric, waterproof microfiber
  • Dimension: 24x3x4 and 28x52x4
  • Hypoallergenic: Yes
  • Price: starts at ₱3,004.00

The Joyce & Diana Baby Mattress comes with a special double waterproof mattress protector. 

This additional layer of protection helps safeguard against spills, accidents, and stains. Your mattress will remain clean and in good condition for your baby’s use.

Furthermore, this mattress is designed to protect against common allergens such as bed bugs, dust mites, and bacteria. 

This benefits babies with allergies because it helps create a healthier sleeping environment.

In terms of functionality, this mattress is lightweight and breathable!

Its lightweight nature makes it easier to handle during crib sheet changes or when moving it around. The breathability ensures proper air circulation for your baby’s comfort.

One downside is that the mattress is expensive, which may be a consideration for budget-conscious parents. 


  • It comes with a special double waterproof mattress protector
  • Protect against bed bugs, dust mites, and bacteria
  • This mattress is lightweight and breathable
  • A classic, simple, and clean design
  • Local manufacturer warranty of 7 days


  • It is expensive
  • It tends to get dirt easily

5. Sunveno Baby Mattress 

Sunveno Baby Mattress


  • Materials: cool fabric on the front, 3D mesh surface on the back
  • Dimension: 120x60x0.8 cm
  • Hypoallergenic: N/A
  • Price: starts at ₱1,030.52

The last mattress making it to my top picks is a single-sided mattress with carefully placed holes. 

This unique design promotes air circulation and reduces the risk of suffocation, ensuring your baby can breathe freely while sleeping.

This crib mattress has undergone rigorous testing and has received safety certification from SGS, an authoritative testing organization. 

This certification confirms that the mattress meets stringent safety standards, so setting-up cribs with this mattress assure no safety risk. 

Although it can be bought from a reliable LazMall, the product may not be as well-known as other brands. (But still, a hidden gem in crib mattresses.)

Surely, with a thickness of 8mm, a soft and moderate surface for your baby’s comfort is assured.


  • Safety certification (passed SGS Authoritative Test)
  • It is made of very breathable material
  • Practical patent design
  • Machine washable (no deformation during hanging and drying)
  • Rounded corner design


  • No warranty
  • The product may not be as well-known as some other brands

What Are the Benefits of Sleeping in an Organic Crib Mattress?

What Are the Benefits of Sleeping in an Organic Crib Mattress?

The right baby mattress is definitely one of the most important items a parent must get for their babies. 

They offer a range of advantages for babies and parents in terms of comfort, safety, and eco-friendliness.

1. Minimum to No Exposure to Harmful Chemicals

One of the primary benefits of sleeping in an organic crib mattress is minimum to no exposure to harmful chemicals. 

Natural materials make organic baby mattresses free of the toxic substances common in conventional mattresses. 

These materials include organic cotton, wool, and natural latex.

This reduces the risk of exposing the baby to potentially harmful substances and ensures a healthier sleeping environment.

2. Fewer Chances of Allergies

When it comes to allergies, organic crib mattresses are the ultimate defense for your child. 

It’s because they are mostly made of hypoallergenic materials and chemical-free construction

These materials are gentle on the skin and less likely to trigger allergic reactions than synthetic materials commonly found in conventional mattresses. 

They are also dust-mite-resistant, breathable, and moisture-wicking. 

This minimizes pest and dust presence, at the same time less hospitable to allergens like mold and mildew.

3. Proper Body Temperature Regulation

These mattresses are constructed from breathable materials like wool and organic cotton. These give your infant a soft, breathable mattress to sleep on. 

Plus, they are moisture-wicking and free from synthetic materials that hold onto heat. This allows proper airflow and ensures the baby stays cool.

No more sweaty nights and restless sleep caused by overheating!

Having an organic crib mattress provides your baby with a sleep surface that actively promotes proper body temperature regulation. 

4. Environmental-friendly

This is another benefit you gain from the sustainable materials (organic cotton, wool, and natural latex) that organic crib mattresses use.

These materials help reduce harmful environmental impact. They are renewable and grown without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.

Like some parents who favor wooden cribs, buying organic mattresses can be an excellent way to support the organic sector.

Lastly, many organic crib mattresses are made to be recyclable and biodegradable. 

These qualities prevent them from ending up in landfills, adding to the world’s mounting waste problem.

5. Eliminates Chemical Off-Gassing

One of the standout benefits of these mattresses is that they eliminate chemical off-gassing. No unpleasant chemical smells will linger in your baby’s nursery.

Chemical off-gassing refers to the release of potentially harmful gasses from synthetic materials. 

By choosing an organic crib mattress, you’re creating a healthier indoor environment for your baby.

You can enjoy the natural scent of mattress materials instead of artificial and irritating smells.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Organic Crib Mattress

What to Look for When Buying the Best Organic Crib Mattress

From materials to warranties that guarantee the organic goodness of a crib mattress, I’ve got you covered.

Read through the rest of this buying guide, and find out what to consider when choosing the best organic crib mattress. 

1. Breathable Material

Breathability means proper airflow. It’s like giving your babies their very own ventilation system.

When your baby is fast asleep, their tiny bodies can generate serious heat. However, with a breathable mattress, air can circulate freely, keeping them cool and comfy throughout the night. 

Thanks to organic cotton, coconut coir, natural latex, and wool — no more sweaty backs. 

Plus, babies are notorious for creating little messes, including nighttime accidents!

A breathable mattress keeps moisture from getting trapped. This reduces the risk of mold, mildew, and unpleasant odors from these messes. 

2. Firmness and Support

A firm mattress reduces the risk of suffocation and ensures that their tiny bodies are properly supported. 

It helps prevent their face from sinking into the mattress, keeping their airways clear and providing a safe sleep surface.

Look for a mattress that provides appropriate firmness and support for your baby’s safety and proper development. 

A mattress with the right level of support helps align the spine, supports the growing bones, and aids in proper muscle development. 

Ensure that even your DIY crib meets safety guidelines for crib mattresses.

3. Size and Fit

Remember, safety should always be your top priority. 

A too-small mattress can create hazardous gaps where a baby’s tiny limbs can get stuck. 

A mattress that is too big may also cause the edges to fold or bunch up, raising the danger of suffocation.

You definitely don’t want any of that! You want to ensure the crib mattress fits snugly inside the crib without gaps or spaces around the edges. 

So check the dimensions and compare them to the size of your crib. Remember to consider any specific size requirements or recommendations from the crib manufacturer. 

4. Reviews and Recommendations 

Imagine browsing the endless options of organic crib mattresses, which all claim to be the best. 

But how can you know for sure? Well, that’s where reviews and recommendations come to the rescue.

They give us valuable insights into the pros and cons, surprises, and overall satisfaction with the mattress.

Check out reputable websites and parenting forums, or even ask for advice from fellow moms in your circle. 

Their wisdom and firsthand experiences can be invaluable in helping you find the perfect mattress for your little bundle of joy.

5. Price and Warranty

You definitely want the best for your babies, but finding a crib mattress that fits your budget is important. 

If anything goes wrong, a warranty gives us peace of mind.

Consider your budget and compare prices among different brands. Look for a mattress with a warranty that covers manufacturing defects or damage.

By ensuring the price and warranty go hand-in-hand, we invest wisely without sacrificing quality by considering the cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have some extra questions regarding organic crib mattresses.

Fortunately, I’ll address some of these concerns and queries below. 

As soon as I finish tackling these common questions, you should be good to buy the crib mattress you need exactly.

What’s the Difference Between Conventional and Organic Crib Mattresses? 

The two types of crib mattresses differ in the fiber they use to provide comfort and cushioning.

Conventional crib mattresses are made with synthetic materials like polyurethane foam, polyester, and vinyl/PVC. 

Organic crib mattresses are crafted with natural and non-toxic materials. These materials are organic cotton, wool, natural latex, or a combination of these materials. 

Unlike conventional mattresses, these are produced without harmful chemicals, pesticides, or synthetic additives.

An organic crib mattress prioritizes the health and well-being of your babies. On the other hand, materials in conventional ones may pose health risks for your little ones.

Are Organic Crib Mattresses Waterproof? 

Organic crib mattresses are not typically waterproof. This is because they utilize natural and non-toxic materials.

However, you can find organic crib mattress skirts or waterproof protectors. You can use them to safeguard the mattress from spills, accidents, and moisture. 

These protectors are usually made from organic cotton or natural wool, providing a breathable and waterproof barrier. 

They help keep the mattress clean and protected. These also maintain the organic integrity of the sleeping surface for your little one.

Can I Pair an Organic Crib Mattress With a Crib Sheet?

You can definitely pair an organic crib mattress with a crib sheet. It’s a common practice and highly recommended. 

Organic crib sheets are designed to fit snugly over the mattress and any type of crib. This provides a soft and cozy surface for your baby to sleep on. 

They are also usually made from organic cotton or other natural materials free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. 

Your child will have a cozy and secure sleeping area if you use an organic crib sheet. Doing so will maintain the organic environment you’ve established with the mattress.


An organic crib mattress offers a healthier and more sustainable choice for your baby’s sleep environment. 

Choosing the greatest crib mattress benefits the infant and everyone at home.

Most importantly, it allows parents to completely relax and feel certain that their babies are in a SAFE and COMFORTABLE sleep.

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