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Best Portable Baby Bottle Warmer [Top 5 Picks + Full Buying Guide]

Best Portable Baby Bottle Warmer [Top 5 Picks + Full Buying Guide]

Warm milk is easier to digest since babies don’t need extra energy to warm it up themselves in their own tummies.

Fortunately, the best bottle warmers can keep milk warm for when it’s time to feed your babies! They’re more convenient if you can bring them anywhere too.

Some factors to consider when looking for a bottle warmer include the following:

  • Functionality
  • Safety and convenience
  • Quick heating
  • Easy to Use

I’ve listed down five of the best portable baby bottle warmers you can get in the Philippines today.



Babycare Portable Baby Bottle Warmer



Tommee Tippee Electric Bottle and Food Warmer


CoCo Stroller Baby Bottle Warmer

CoCo Stroller Baby Bottle Warmer

5 Best Portable Baby Bottle Warmers

Searching for the best portable baby bottle warmers wasn’t easy.

But through my research, here are the products I have found to be exceptionally good for your baby bottles:

1. Babycare Portable Baby Bottle Warmer – Editor’s Choice

Babycare Portable Baby Bottle Warmer


  • Power input: USB C
  • Notable features: 5-speed thermostat and 4-layer temperature lock
  • Warranty: No

The warmer that tops this review is this Portable Baby Bottle Warmer from Babycare. 

This is the perfect solution for conveniently, safely, and easily warming baby bottles while on the go.

Its USB C cable lets you connect to compatible devices like a power bank, vehicle USB, or charging adapters.

It also comes in a small and compact design. There’s even a hand strap that makes it easier to carry and store the milk bottle warmer. 

These great features let you just hang the milk warmer on any bag!

Portability-wise, it requires less to no bag space at all

Our babies will never go hungry as they can surely have warm milk at home, outdoors, or on the go!


  • Small, lightweight, and compact design for easy carry and storage
  • Stylish pastel color 
  • Suitable for different bottle sizes


  • Color and leather cover make it prone to dirt

2. Tommee Tippee Electric Bottle and Food Warmer – Premium Choice

Tommee Tippee Electric Bottle and Food Warmer


  • Power input: electric socket
  • Notable features: one-dial operation, multifunctional heating
  • Warranty: 7 days money back guarantee and 7 days Lazada return and refund guarantee

This warmer is the most expensive option on this list. However, I’d say it’s reasonable because of its multiple uses. 

After all, you can also use it as a food warmer and egg steamer!

However, this bottle warmer is also the heaviest. 

Although still portable, I find it hard to always use them on the go because it needs a power socket. 

Having tried this product with my niece’s baby formula milk, I can attest to how this product heats milk evenly. This is great in preventing hot spots that could burn a baby’s mouth. 


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Comes with product information
  • Has multiple uses
  • 4-minute warming process


  • Heavy and expensive
  • Needs a socket to function

3. CoCo Stroller Baby Bottle Warmer – Budget Choice

CoCo Stroller Baby Bottle Warmer


  • Power input: USB
  • Notable features: comes in the form of a pouch for extreme portability
  • Warranty: 7 days money back guarantee and 1-month local supplier warranty

This bottle warmer that comes in the form of a pouch is the most budget-friendly option I have found in the marketplace.

The design means it can accommodate any shaped bottle — such as bottles for breastfed babies or thinner models.

This small warmer can be used with portable power sources, like charging plugs and car USB interfaces.

However, the bottom of this warmer uses velcro. This means it’s not so safe to place them outside bags since the bottle might slip. 

Nevertheless, it is easy to store and clean as it is easily washable. 


  • Most affordable in this review
  • Extremely portable
  • A zipper pocket for its cord makes it easier to keep in bags


  • Velcro bottom makes it less easy to carry

4. Orzbow USB Milk Heating Keeper Portable 

Orzbow USB Milk Heating Keeper Portable


  • Power input: USB
  • Notable features: 3-color light reminder
  • Warranty: No

This is a good alternative to Babycare Portable Baby Bottle Warmer since it comes at a friendlier price. 

If you’re an always-on-the-go mom, this portable milk bottle warmer will be your lifesaver. 

It’s small enough to fit in any diaper bag, and the USB cord allows you to plug it into a car or a power bank.

This comes with LED indicator lights to show the heating progress.

Plus, if you’re more into minimalist colors, I bet you’ll also be attracted to this one!


  • Aesthetic design
  • Lightweight
  • Also comes in a small and compact design
  • Easy to use


  • Less heating power compared to Babycare Portable Baby Bottle Warmer

5. Yoboo 3-in-1 Electric Milk Bottle Warmer

Yoboo 3-in-1 Electric Milk Bottle Warmer


  • Power input: electric socket
  • Notable features: fits two bottles
  • Warranty: No

This is another multi-purpose portable warmer recommended by many moms I know. 

It’s designed for two-bottle warming — and the bottles can be plastic, silicone, or glass.

It can also be used as a baby bottle sterilizer! Just be sure to properly clean your baby bottles, teats, and pacifiers before putting them in this warmer.

However, I think a two-bottle warming design wouldn’t be useful for moms with only one kid. After all, it only means more space requirements. 

You don’t need the same number of baby bottles and warmers. However, this would be a great option for those with many kids at home or are expecting twins.

Like the Tommee Tippee bottle warmer, it is less portable and requires more space. 

It has limited temperature control. However, its 30°C constant warming option ensures it does not produce hot spots that may harm our baby’s mouth.


  • Most rated by parents
  • Multipurpose
  • A good alternative to the Tommee Tippee bottle warmer
  • Budget-friendly


  • Requires more bag space
  • Less warming temperature option

What Are the Advantages of Using a Baby Bottle Warmer? 

What Are the Advantages of Using a Baby Bottle Warmer? 

Admittedly, there are other ways to warm up breast milk or formulas.

However, below are reasons why I highly recommend getting a baby bottle warmer for that instead:

1. Time Saving

Using a baby bottle warmer is faster than running hot water over the bottle or warming it in boiling water.

You can just place the bottle in the warmer and press a button to start the warming process. You won’t have to wait for a bowl of hot water to heat up or constantly check the temperature. 

All that’s left is checking for bubbles in the bottle while your baby drinks.

A baby bottle warmer is very helpful when a hungry baby cries out late at night.

No more zombie parents at night, leaving us with more energy to bond with our little ones during the day.

2. Consistent Temperature

Even if bottle warmers heat breast milk quickly, they are safe to use as they don’t make the milk too hot for our babies. 

A good bottle warmer that can warm our baby’s milk evenly is important to make sure we don’t scald our baby’s delicate mouth with hot spots. 

Unlike other warming methods, you’ll need to constantly check the milk’s temperature throughout the process. 

If your baby feels full more quickly, you can both go back to sleep as soon as possible.

3. Compact

Aside from the importance of Vitamin E from the sun, babies need to explore the world sooner or later. That’s why I don’t intend to keep my baby at home. 

Thankfully, portable baby bottle warmers are made!

You’ll want to get a warmer that won’t be too hard to stuff into the diaper bag with your non-toxic baby bottles and other essentials. A compact warmer is easier to store too.

A smaller bottle warmer will let me quickly warm up my baby’s milk anywhere with no problems.

4. Healthier Option

Using a bottle warmer is safer since it preserves breast milk’s nutrients compared to using a microwave or reheating breast milk.

You might think that, like boiling water, you’ll also get a healthier drink for your baby if you boil milk.

However, you should not thaw or heat breast milk or formula in a microwave. That’s because doing this destroys the nutrients in breast milk and creates hot spots.

Remember that warmed breast milk doesn’t last very long, so your baby must drink it within the next hour or two.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Baby Bottle Warmer 

Factors to Consider When Buying a Baby Bottle Warmer 

To choose the right portable baby bottle warmer for your needs, here are some factors to consider:

1. Functionality

Admittedly, at first glance, you won’t be able to immediately tell how functional your baby bottle warmer is.

As such, you should always check what other moms have to say about it.

You should also read up on the different features of the warmer and see if it aligns with your needs.

Ask questions such as:

  • How easy is it to change temperatures?
  • Is my warmer good for breast milk?
  • How long does it take for the warmer to warm the milk?

2. Safety and Convenience

A baby bottle warmer reduces the risk of burn injury you might get when warming a baby bottle in other ways.

It’s also safe for your baby since it doesn’t create hotspots that can suddenly scald their mouth.

Just make sure to put that baby bottle brush to good use, so you’re not accidentally warming up any bacteria too.

Of course, it’s also highly convenient since you can just push a button and wait for it to heat up.

3. Quick Heating

When it comes to buying a baby bottle warmer, quick heating should be a non-negotiable factor. 

Your hungry baby won’t have to wait for long before getting fed. This also means they can return to sleeping (or playing) in no time. 

4. Ease of Use

If your baby starts crying in the middle of the night, you’ll want a bottle warmer you can operate with while you’re half-asleep.

But it’s not only about our comfort. An easy-to-use warmer means less stress and frustration for our babies too. 

If we’re fumbling around with a complicated gadget, our baby might sense our stress and also become upset. And they can already be fussy enough if they’re not using baby bottles for gas!

An easy-to-clean warmer is also very helpful. For cloth warmers, check the manual on how to wash the product without touching the heating components.

For others, like the Yoboo, check the manual to see if you’ll need a baby-safe dishwasher detergent to wipe it down or if water is enough.

5. Extra Features

Automatic shut-off features give you peace of mind knowing you don’t have to constantly monitor the warmer. 

Other warmers may have different heating settings too. These are great when you need to warm up different liquids or achieve a specific temperature.

6. Price

The most expensive warmer may not be the best. However, the more features you want your warmer to have, the higher you can expect it to cost.

But if you plan to have more kids in the future, it’s a good idea to invest in a slightly more expensive model.

After all, you can reuse that the same way you can reuse bottles for the next baby. Of course, this is assuming that it still runs flawlessly.

However, baby bottles might not last as long as your bottle warmers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before I end this article, let me answer some frequently asked questions I see regarding baby bottle warmers:

Can You Use Tap Water in a Bottle Warmer?

Yes, you can use tap water in a bottle warmer. 

However, the water supply may contain high levels of minerals in certain regions.

This can lead to the accumulation of mineral deposits over time. This will appear like layers of light cream color paint or sand in your bottle warmer.

The mineral deposits might also cause you to replace baby bottles earlier than you should if the minerals rub on them too.

You’ll have to find a good dish soap for baby bottles to remove the minerals on the outside.

This is completely harmless — but you may have to regularly descale your warmer. On top of that, this may result in a shorter product life.

Can a Bottle Warmer Stay on All Night?

No, never leave a baby bottle warmer on all night. 

Some may come with an auto shut-off feature, but you might still want to turn them off for safety. Breast milk shouldn’t be left in the warmer for too long. Otherwise, the milk quality will deteriorate.

On top of that, you shouldn’t refreeze warm breast milk either.


Portable baby bottle warmers are certainly very convenient in ensuring your baby has warm milk to drink wherever you go!

Remember, a good price point is not everything. It’s important that we consider all the important factors that will make our purchase worth it and reasonable.

Josie Mariano
Josie Mariano

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