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Distilled Water for Babies – Is It Safe for Baby Formulas?

Is Distilled Water Safe for Baby Formula - Quick Guide

You’re starting to bottle-feed your baby. You have the best baby bottles for the best baby formula. What’s next? You have to use the right water, too. 

Distilled water is great with baby formula because it doesn’t compromise the balance of nutrients. 

Let me share tidbits of information I got when searching for the best baby formula water. 

Is Distilled Water Safe for Babies?

Is Distilled Water Safe for Babies

Once you know the answer to the question, “When can babies have water?” the next thing to consider is what type to give. 

Distilled water, for one, is perfectly safe for babies

It is free of impurities and minerals, making it one of the purest forms of water for your baby. It is even one of your options for the best water for baby formula.

Do I Need to Boil Distilled Water for Baby Formula?

If you’re thinking, “Do I need to boil distilled water for baby formula?” The answer is no.

The answer stays the same when you make baby formula (such as Similac vs. Enfamil) or use other formulas like the best goat milk formulas

Distilled water is already free of contaminants, so it’s safe to drink as it is.

This makes it the best choice of water to mix with baby formula. That’s because it won’t cause an uneven balance of nutrients when mixed with the formula. 

Moreover, you won’t risk mineral overdose when using distilled water. 

However, you should still be careful with what you give your baby. It will greatly help if you know how long the formula is good for and the signs the formula doesn’t agree with the baby

As your child grows, you might have to switch things up. If the timing is right, getting the best milk for 1-year-old babies is the next step!

Distilled Water vs. Purified Water

Distilled Water vs. Purified Water

You’ll have many options when you shop for bottled water. You can have purified water aside from distilled water to mix with baby formula. 

Contaminants, such as chemical pollutants, chlorine, bacteria, parasites, and viruses, are absent in both

But what’s the difference between distilled water and purified water for babies?

When you filter out impurities from water, you’ll get purified water. The process removes chlorine and bacteria but retains minerals. 

When you filter purified water further, you’ll get distilled water. The process involves removing nutrients and minerals as well. 

In short, purified water contains minerals, while distilled water doesn’t.

Mixing baby formula with purified water can impact the dietary amount of minerals in the formula. 

If you ask, “Can babies drink alkaline water?” you technically can, but don’t mix it with baby formula.

What Is Soft Water?

Soft water is water that has little to no dissolved minerals. This includes minerals like calcium, magnesium, and iron. 

To quantify this, the mineral level should be less than 60 mg per liter. Therefore, distilled water is classified as soft water, but not all soft water is distilled water.

It is important to note what water you will get since it can affect how much nutrition your child will get from formulas like the best hypoallergenic baby formula, the best dairy-free formula, and the best lactose-free formula.

Is Hard Water Dangerous for Babies?

In contrast, hard water contains high amounts of calcium, magnesium, and iron

Even though it’s not recommended for mixing with baby formula, it can strengthen bones, boost digestion, and enhance immunity.

However, newborns may find it challenging to cope with hard water due to their developing systems.

For one, bathing them in hard water can break their natural skin barrier. This may cause eczema and higher risks of allergies. 

As your child gets older, you may notice white marks on the enamel of their teeth when you make them drink hard water.

This should be okay as long as you don’t exceed the daily recommended dose of hard water.


Distilled water is safe for babies to ingest. It is free from contaminants and minerals, which makes it the ideal mix for baby formula to keep its nutrient concentration as it is. 

However, as your child grows, their nutritional requirements change. At a certain age, they can benefit from other types of water.

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